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Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications
Preface. Prologue. Introduction. Absorption of UV--visible light. Characteristics of Fluorescence Emission. Effects of Intermolecular Photophysical Processes on Fluorescence Emission. FluorescenceExpand
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Mathematical functions for the analysis of luminescence decays with underlying distributions 1. Kohlrausch decay function (stretched exponential)
The Kohlrausch (stretched exponential) decay law is analyzed in detail. Analytical and approximate forms of the distribution of rate constants and related functions are obtained for this law. AExpand
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On the barometric formula
The barometric formula, relating the pressure p(z) of an isothermal, ideal gas of molecular mass m at some height z to its pressure p(0) at height z=0, is discussed. After a brief historical review,Expand
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A Brief History of Fluorescence and Phosphorescence before the Emergence of Quantum Theory
Fluorescence and phosphorescence are two forms of photoluminescence used in modern research and in practical applications. The early observations of these phenomena, before the emergence of quantumExpand
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Expressing a Probability Density Function in Terms of another PDF: A Generalized Gram-Charlier Expansion
An explicit formula relating the probability density function with its cumulants is derived and discussed. A generalization of the Gram-Charlier expansion is presented, allowing to express one PDF inExpand
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Analytical inversion of the Laplace transform without contour integration: application to luminescence decay laws and other relaxation functions
Laplace transforms find application in many fields, including time-resolved luminescence. In this work, relations that allow a direct (i.e., dispensing contour integration) analytical calculation ofExpand
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Constantin Carathéodory and the axiomatic thermodynamics
The birth, raise, development and fortunes of a fundamental theory in thermodynamics, the axiomatic thermodynamics, a creation of Constantin Carathéodory, is thoroughly presented together with aExpand
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Fluorescence of Supermolecules, Polymers, and Nanosystems
Part 1: History and fundamental aspects A.U. Acuna: Early History of Solution Fluorescence: The 'Lignum Nephriticum' of Nicolas Monardes.- B. Valeur: From Well-Known to Underrated Applications ofExpand
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Properties of the Mittag-Leffler Relaxation Function
The Mittag-Leffler relaxation function, Eα(−x), with 0 ≤ α ≤ 1, which arises in the description of complex relaxation processes, is studied. A relation that gives the relaxation function in terms ofExpand
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The van der Waals equation: analytical and approximate solutions
The thermodynamic properties, enthalpy of vaporization, entropy, Helmholtz function, Gibbs function, but especially the heat capacity at constant volume of a van der Waals gas (and liquid) at theExpand
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