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The Cymothoidae (Crustacea, Isopoda), parasites on marine fishes, from Algerian fauna
Le present travail constitue une mise au point sur les Cymothoidae ectoparasites de poissons de la cote algerienne. Pour l'instant, neuf especes ont ete inventoriees par les auteurs: AnilocraExpand
Monogenean parasites in Sparid fish (Pagellus genus) in eastern Algeria coastline
The study findings show that the parasitic populations vary depending on the site and the host species within the same genus. Expand
Competitive Exclusion between Piroplasmosis and Anaplasmosis Agents within Cattle
Despite the strong opportunity for interaction between these pathogenic species, little is known about the competitive interactions between tick-borne diseases within the vector and the vertebrate host. Expand
Salmonella contamination of laying-hen flocks in two regions of Algeria
A preliminary epidemiological study of Salmonella contamination in laying-hen flocks was carried out in the regions of Annaba and Eltarf, Algeria, from March to October 2008 and March to November 2009, with results indicating a higher prevalence at the end of laying than at either the beginning or middle. Expand
First description of Rickettsia monacensis in Ixodes ricinus in Algeria.
The detection and characterization of rickettsiae in more ticks collected in Algeria using PCR and sequence analysis of amplified products are presented. Expand
Unusual cohabitation and competition between Planktothrix rubescens and Microcystis sp. (cyanobacteria) in a subtropical reservoir (Hammam Debagh) located in Algeria
The molecular approach showed that the Hammam Debagh reservoir displays high species richness but very low diversity due to the high dominance of Microcystis in this community, and it appears that Planktothrix rubescens and MicroCystis sp. Expand
Copepod parasites of gills of 14 teleost fish species caught in the gulf of Annaba (Algeria)
The analysis of species richness according to some ecological, biological and taxonomical variables (Diet, Displacement, Way of life, Family) of the whole of hosts are reported in this study and the differences between mean specific richness (MSR) of all variables is statically significant. Expand
Influence of site and host on parasites of two teleost fish in Algeria revealed by using indicator species analysis
Data on species composition and infection levels would help improve the monitoring and management of parasitism in Mugilidae and Moronidae populations and none pointed out the role of parasitic copepods as bioindicators in Algerian costs. Expand
Assessments of physico-chemical parameters of Garaet Hadj Tahar wetland and their effect on waterbirds settlement
This topic presented the relationship between physicochemical parameters and waterbirds assembling at Garaet Hadj Tahar (occidental Numidia, northeast of Algeria). Our data were collected fromExpand