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The propagator method for source bearing estimation
It is found that at high and medium signal-to-noise ratio, the OPM performs quite like MUSIC with a complexity reduced by the ratio of the number of sources to theNumber of sensors. Expand
Multiresolution wavelet-based QRS complex detection algorithm suited to several abnormal morphologies
An improved QRS (Q wave, R wave, S wave) complex detection algorithm is proposed based on the multiresolution wavelet analysis, which presents considerable capability in cases of low signal-to-noise ratio, high baseline wander and abnormal morphologies. Expand
On a high resolution array processing method non-based on the eigenanalysis approach
  • S. Marcos, M. Benidir
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Acoustics, Speech…
  • 3 April 1990
It is shown that the propagator method, used for the multiple source direction of arrivals estimation may have a theoretically asymptotical high resolution power. Expand
Segmentation and identification of some pathological phonocardiogram signals using time-frequency analysis
A novel method based on time-frequency analysis in conjunction with a threshold evaluated on Renyi entropy for the segmentation and the analysis of PCG signals and permits elucidating and extracting useful features for diagnosis and pathological recognition. Expand
Some properties of lattice autoregressive filters
This paper applies results from studying autoregressive filters to prove some extremal properties of stable filters such as the maximum value of the components of the regression vector or themaximum value of its norm. Expand
Statistical analysis of polynomial phase signals affected by multiplicative and additive noise
The performances of the proposed estimators are analysed and their respective variances with the corresponding Cramer–Rao bounds are compared. Expand
Extended table for eliminating the singularities in Routh's array
A simple procedure for eliminating the classical epsilon -method introduced by the Routh-Hurwitz test is given. The procedure extends the construction of the Routh table in the special case ofExpand
Polynomial phase signal analysis based on the polynomial derivatives decompositions
This result allows us to introduce generalized time-frequency distributions for studying signals having a polynomial phase and a constant amplitude in order to determine the degree and the coefficients of the corresponding phase. Expand
Blind identification of a linear-quadratic model using higher-order statistics
  • M. Krob, M. Benidir
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Acoustics…
  • 27 April 1993
The goal is to perform blind identification of a linear-quadratic mixture of independent and circular random components using the singular value decomposition of a third-order output cumulants matrix. Expand
Performances analysis of the propagator method for source bearing estimation
A new version of the PM referred to as the orthonormal propagator method (OPM) is proposed, which shows that at high and medium signal-to-noise ratio, the OPM performs like MUSIC with a complexity reduced by the number of sources to thenumber of sensors ratio. Expand