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The Dole Effect and its variations during the last 130,000 years as measured in the Vostok Ice Core
We review the current understanding of the Dole effect (the observed difference between the {delta}{sup 18}O of atmospheric O{sub 2} and that of seawater) and its causes, extended the record ofExpand
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Atmospheric gas concentrations over the past century measured in air from firn at the South Pole
The extraction and analysis of air from the snowpack (firn) at the South Pole provides atmospheric concentration histories of biogenic greenhouse gases since the beginning of the present centuryExpand
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Partition coefficients in calcite: Examination of factors influencing the validity of experimental results and their application to natural systems
Abstract Partition coefficients of metals in calcite have been of great interest in the study of the geochemistry of sedimentary carbonate mineral deposition and diagenesis. However, they are notExpand
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Climate Records Covering the Last Deglaciation
The oxygen-18/oxygen-16 ratio of molecular oxygen trapped in ice cores provides a time-stratigraphic marker for transferring the absolute chronology for the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP) II iceExpand
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Climate correlations between Greenland and Antarctica during the past 100,000 years
THE ice cores recovered from central Greenland by the GRIP1,2 and GISP23 projects record 22 interstadial (warm) events during the part of the last glaciation spanning 20–105 kyr before present. TheExpand
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Uranium-series dating of the Pleistocene reef tracts of Barbados, West Indies
Detailed studies of reef-tract stratigraphy in the southwestern part of Barbados have revealed nine, seven, and ten reef tracts in the Christ Church, Clermont Nose, and Saint George9s ValleyExpand
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Development of a GNSS water vapour tomography system using algebraic reconstruction techniques
A GNSS water vapour tomography system developed to reconstruct spatially resolved humidity fields in the troposphere is described. Expand
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Primary production in the North Pacific gyre: a comparison of rates determined by the 14C, O2 concentration and 18O methods
Primary production was measured at 28°N/155°W, north of Hawaii, during the late summer of 1985, using three independent in vitro techniques: (1) the 18O method, in which gross oxygen production isExpand
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The Non-Semitic Languages of Ethiopia
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Last Interglacial Climates
The last interglacial, commonly understood as an interval with climate as warm or warmer than today, is represented by marine isotope stage (MIS) 5e, which is a proxy record of low global ice volumeExpand
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