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Ecology: Individuals, Populations and Communities
This new edition contains two new chapters both of which consider areas of applied ecology which are relevant to contemporary global issues, and considers the control of abundance. Expand
Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems
The nature of predation, the influence of population interactions on community structure, and Ecological applications at the level of communities and ecosystems are examined. Expand
Species Interactions in a Parasite Community Drive Infection Risk in a Wildlife Population
Time-series data from individual hosts in natural populations are used to analyze patterns of infection risk for a microparasite community, detecting large positive and negative effects of other infections. Expand
Optimal Egg Size and Clutch Size: Effects of Environment and Maternal Phenotype
A series of models for predicting optimal egg size and clutch size in different environments and for different maternal phenotypes are developed and it is shown that in seasonal environments the production of smaller clutches of larger eggs is favored by slower rates of preadult development and shorter overall season lengths. Expand
A clarification of transmission terms in host-microparasite models: numbers, densities and areas
It is argued that the terms ‘density-dependent transmission’ and ‘frequency-dependent Transmission’ remain valid and useful, but that the Terms ‘mass action’, ‘true mass action' and “pseudo mass action” are all unhelpful and should be dropped. Expand
Plague: Past, Present, and Future
The authors argue that plague should be taken much more seriously by the international health community and the government should take plague more seriously. Expand
Essentials of Ecology
This chapter discusses the effects of climate change on the evolution and distribution of species, and the results of evolution: convergent and parallel evolution. Expand