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Global Political Economy
This paper traces the development and structure of the global political economy. After first explaining why politics and economics and inextricably connected, the paper goes on detail how these
The coming of environmental authoritarianism
The East Asian region generally and Southeast Asia in particular have long been associated with authoritarian rule. It is argued that the intensification of a range of environmental problems means
Developmental States in East Asia: A Comparison of the Japanese and Chinese Experiences
Abstract:In the aftermath of the East Asian crisis and Japan’s prolonged economic downturn, many observers considered that East Asia’s distinctive model of state-led development had become redundant
Neoliberalism as a political rationality: Australian public policy since the 1980s
Since the 1980s a remarkable transformation has occurred in the rationale that informs public policy in Australia. This transformation reflects a fundamental change in the way national economies and
Southeast Asia and the politics of vulnerability
The economic and political crises that have engulfed Southeast Asia over recent years should not have come as such a surprise. A consideration of the region's historical position and economic
The Rise and Fall (?) of the Developmental State: The Vicissitudes and Implications of East Asian Interventionism
  • M. Beeson
  • Economics
    Rivalry and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific
  • 2019
The East Asian crisis and the problems that have afflicted Japan for the past decade or so have raised major questions about the continuing utility of the 'developmental state'. This paper critically
Global governance
This paper critically examines and explains the increasingly influential idea of ‘global governance’. After outlining the evolving intentional order and the new actors that are prominent part of
Rethinking regionalism: Europe and East Asia in comparative historical perspective
  • M. Beeson
  • Economics, Sociology
  • 1 December 2005
Abstract Regionally based processes of political and economic integration, security co-operation, and even social identification have become increasingly important and prominent parts of the
Institutions of the Asia-Pacific: ASEAN, APEC and beyond
Introduction 1. History and Identity in the Asia-Pacific 2. ASEAN: The Asian way of institutionalisation? 3. APEC: Bigger, but no better? 4. The ASEAN Regional Forum and security dynamics in the