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The Regulation of Privatized Monopolies in the United Kingdom
This article examines the experience in the United Kingdom with the regulation of privatized monopolies. Its conclusions are (1) that there are significant differences between RPI - X (or price-cap)Expand
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The Value of Time Spent in Travelling: Some New Evidence
The valuation of time spent in travelling is important because, first, it has been prominent in studies of the value of investments in roads, a form of analysis recently extended to urban railExpand
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Small Firms' Seedbed Role and the Concept of Turbulence
AN important role of independent small firms is often asserted to be to function as the 'seedbed' for new enterprises capable of challenging established businesses. The authors bring original data toExpand
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Privatization, regulation and deregulation
1. Introduction 2. Privatization: Principles, Problems and Priorities, with Stephen Littlechild, Lloyds' Bank Review , July 1983 3. Privatization - Reflections on UK Experience ADEBA Conference:Expand
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Regulation of Taxis
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In recent years, the growth in taxis and hire cars in the United Kingdom has been in remarkable contrast with other sectors of local passenger transport, particularly with the buses owned andExpand
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The Role of Market Forces
This chapter will consider the role which increasing competition may play in influencing the behaviour of nationalised industries, and the implications for the design of government policy to achieveExpand
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Entry Propensity, the Supply of Entrants and the Spatial Distribution of Business Units
BEESLEY M. E. and HAMILTON R. T. (1994) Entry propensity, the supply of entrants and the spatial distribution of business units, Reg. Studies 28, 233-239. An extensive new database is used in theExpand
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