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New insights into the phylogenetics and biogeography of Arum (Araceae): unravelling its evolutionary history.
The heat- and odour-producing genus Arum (Araceae) has interested scientists for centuries. This long-term interest has allowed a deep knowledge of some complex processes, such as the physiology andExpand
Flora Croatica : Index florae Croaticae. Pars 3
On some pollen types withinArum (Araceae)
In a second paper onArum pollen seven further taxa are investigated. Most of them have spinose pollen, only inA. korolkowii the pollen is scabrose. The possible relation between pollen sculpturingExpand
Comparative chromosome and molecular studies of some species of genus Arum from eastern Slavonia and Baranya region in Croatia
Karyological and molecular studies were done in this paper on three species of genus Arum; Arum italicum Mill. and Arum maculatum L., with two varieties, and Arum alpinum Schott and Kotschy, alsoExpand
Scanning electron microscopy of pollen grains of some species of the genusArum (Araceae)
  • M. Bedalov
  • Biology
  • Plant Systematics and Evolution
  • 1 September 1985
A preliminary report is given on the pollen morphology of eight species of the genusArum examined by scanning electron microscopy. The pollen grains are spheroidal and their sporoderm sculptureExpand
Flora Croatica : Check List of Croatian Flora. Vol. 3
Rad na izradi Popisa flore Hrvatske zapocet krajem 1993. godine priveden je kraju. Treci i poslednji volumen obuhvaca 49 porodica s ukupno __ rodova. Na realizaciji je sudjelovalo 14 autora iz 4Expand
Comparative morphology of some species of genus Arum from Eastern Slavonia and Baranya region in Croatia
Comparative variability in some morphological properties, for example, in leaves and flowers, among and within each of three species Arum italicum Mill., Arum maculatum L. var. maculatum andExpand