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Comparison of error rates in combinational and sequential logic
A pulsed laser was used to demonstrate that, for transients much shorter than the clock period, error rates in sequential logic were independent of frequency, whereas error rates in combinationalExpand
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Attenuation of single event induced pulses in CMOS combinational logic
Results are presented of a study of SEU generated transient pulse attenuation in combinational logic structures built using common digital CMOS design practices. SPICE circuit analysis, heavy ionExpand
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A digital CMOS design technique for SEU hardening
A new cell design technique is described which may be used to create SEU hardened circuits. The technique uses actively biased, isolated well transistors to prevent transients in combinational logicExpand
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An SEU analysis approach for error propagation in digital VLSI CMOS ASICs
A probabilistic description of error propagation in complex circuits is formulated and solved as a set of linear equations. Comparisons are made with experimental data.
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The effect of temperature on single-particle latchup
Special test structures fabricated with three different CMOS processes were used to investigate the effect of elevated temperature on single-particle latchup. The latchup threshold was stronglyExpand
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Dose dependence of interface traps in gate oxides at high levels of total dose
Interface traps in gate oxides were found to saturate at high total dose levels. An empirical model was developed to describe the nonlinear dependence and saturation characteristics. Three differentExpand
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Mechanisms for the Latchup Window Effect in Integrated Circuits
The latchup window effect has been studied in CMOS and advanced bipolar integrated circuits, using a 1.06 pm laser as a diagnostic tool. An important new finding is the identification of latchupExpand
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Experimental Methods for Determining Latchup Paths in Integrated Circuits
Methods of determining latchup paths in integrated circuits are discussed and applied to several device technologies. Localized laser irradiation was used to find latchup-sensitive regions with aExpand
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Photobleaching Effects In Step Index Pure Silica Optical Fibers During In-Situ Irradiation At Low Temperatures
This paper investigates photobleaching at a low temperature in a multi-mode step index pure-silica-core optical fiber. Radiation-induced attenuation and subsequent recovery were measured over a wideExpand
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The effect of circuit topology on radiation-induced latchup
Topological factors that affect latchup were investigated using test structures fabricated in two different CMOS foundries. The geometry of isolation well contacts was found to have a large effect onExpand
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