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Energy management algorithm for smart home with renewable energy sources
Meeting increased power demand and solving the integration problems of renewable energy sources do not seem to be possible with today's power grid infrastructure. In order to overcome these problems,Expand
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Structure of some western Anatolia coals investigated by FTIR, Raman, 13C solid state NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction
Abstract Turkey has one of the largest lignite deposits in Europe but the low calorific values of Turkish lignites dictate new and environmentally safe new utilization technologies for furtherExpand
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Preparation of high surface area activated carbon from waste-biomass of sunflower piths: Kinetics and equilibrium studies on the dye removal
Abstract Sunflower pith (SP), a vast agricultural waste is herein used as a precursor material for highly porous low density activated carbon production. Porosity and flake-like microstructure of theExpand
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Power quality assessment of grid-connected wind farms considering regulations in turkey
This paper presents measurement system and detailed analysis of power quality at the substation of two different wind farm sites which are of low and high power rate. Measurement system has beenExpand
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Real time active power control in smart grid
In this study, a method of controlling active power (balancing demand and supply) in real time is proposed This is feasible in smart grid as communication and advanced information technologies are used for real time data exchange about the generation, demand, storage, market, environmental conditions, and other necessary data. Expand
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Harmonic Effects of Power System Loads: An Experimental Study
Especially with the developing semi-conductor technology, harmonics have become one of the most popular issues in power system. In this study, the measurements for the harmonic effects of the loadsExpand
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Crystalline, high-surface-area, hexagonal mesoporous MCM-41 having uniform pore sizes and good thermal stability was successfully synthesized at 90°–120°C in 30 min using low-power microwaveExpand
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Smart hybrid wind-solar street lighting system fuzzy based approach: Case study Istanbul-Turkey
In this paper, fuzzy-based control approach is proposed to control the street lighting systems depending on solar and wind renewable energy sources. Expand
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Halloysite Nanotubes/Polyethylene Nanocomposites for Active Food Packaging Materials with Ethylene Scavenging and Gas Barrier Properties
Novel polymeric active food packaging films comprising halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) as active agents were developed. HNTs which are hollow tubular clay nanoparticles were utilized as nanofillersExpand
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Effect of Reaction Temperature and Catalyst Type on the Formation of Boron Nitride Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Measurement of Their Hydrogen Storage Capacity
Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT) were synthesized over both Fe3+ impregnated MCM-41 (mobil composition of matter no. 41) and Fe2O3/MCM-41 complex catalyst systems at relatively low temperatures for 1 hExpand
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