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Colour and textural attributes of sucuk during ripening.
The sensory (flavour, colour, and ease of cutting scores), colour (Hunter L, a, b, YI, total colour difference, hue angle, chroma, and browning index values) and textural (hardness, adhesiveness,Expand
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Fitting Fick’s model to analyze water diffusion into chickpeas during soaking with ultrasound treatment
Abstract Fick’s model together with Arrhenius relationship were successfully used to evaluate water absorption of chickpea during soaking at a temperature range of 20–97 °C with 25 kHz 100 W, 40 kHzExpand
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Ochratoxin A in Wines
Mycotoxins are produced by fungi, commonly known as mold. Ochratoxins are a dangereous group of mycotoxins produced as secondary metabolites by several fungi of the Aspergillus or PenicilliumExpand
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Influence of soaking on the dimensions and colour of soybean for bulgur production
Soaking of soybean was studied to produce the soy-bulgur as a new type food product by measuring the changes in the properties of soybean kernel. Soybeans were soaked in deionized water at differentExpand
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The Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Medlar (Mespilus germanica L.) During Physiological Maturity and Ripening Period
In this study, the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of medlar during physiological maturity and ripening period were determined. The physical properties such as geometric mean diameter,Expand
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Bulgur milling using a helical disc mill
Abstract In the present study, a helical disc mill was used to mill bulgur. Screen analysis (%), colour (lightness, redness, yellowness and yellowness index), yield, loss, energy consumption,Expand
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Removal of Ochratoxin A (OTA) from Naturally Contaminated Wines During the Vinification Process
J. Inst. Brew. 117(3), 456–461, 2011 In this study, 28 red and 18 white musts, from seven different local wineries in Turkey, were investigated to determine their ochratoxin A (OTA) content followingExpand
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Bulgur around the world
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Sinc-Galerkin method for approximate solutions of fractional order boundary value problems
In this paper we present an approximate solution of a fractional order two-point boundary value problem (FBVP). We use the sinc-Galerkin method that has almost not been employed for the fractionalExpand
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Determination of Chloroanisoles and Chlorophenols in Cork and Wine by using HS-SPME and GC-ECD Detection
Cork taint is an off-flavor problem in wine, the main reason being the presence of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA) in the cork stopper. In addition to the TCA, the presence of other chloroanisole andExpand
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