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Giant Rydberg excitons in the copper oxide Cu2O
A highly excited atom having an electron that has moved into a level with large principal quantum number is a hydrogen-like object, termed a Rydberg atom. The giant size of Rydberg atoms leads toExpand
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Temperature dependence of the exciton homogeneous linewidth in In 0.60 Ga 0.40 As / GaAs self-assembled quantum dots
Single dot photoluminescence spectroscopy was used to study the homogeneous linewidth $\ensuremath{\Gamma}$ of the ground-state exciton inExpand
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Mode Locking of Electron Spin Coherences in Singly Charged Quantum Dots
The fast dephasing of electron spins in an ensemble of quantum dots is detrimental for applications in quantum information processing. We show here that dephasing can be overcome by using a periodicExpand
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Spin noise of electrons and holes in self-assembled quantum dots.
We measure the frequency spectra of random spin fluctuations, or "spin noise," in ensembles of (In,Ga)As/GaAs quantum dots (QDs) at low temperatures. We employ a spin noise spectrometer based on aExpand
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Nuclei-Induced Frequency Focusing of Electron Spin Coherence
The hyperfine interaction of an electron with the nuclei is considered as the primary obstacle to coherent control of the electron spin in semiconductor quantum dots. We show, however, that theExpand
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Experimental investigation of a borehole field by enhanced geothermal response test and numerical analysis of performance of the borehole heat exchangers
Thermal conductivity of the ground is generally measured in field by TRT (thermal response test) without considering non-uniformity and the groundwater flow. However, both factors can affect theExpand
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Enhanced magneto-optical effects in magnetoplasmonic crystals.
Plasmonics allows light to be localized on length scales much shorter than its wavelength, which makes it possible to integrate photonics and electronics on the nanoscale. Magneto-optical materialsExpand
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Thermal activation of non-radiative Auger recombination in charged colloidal nanocrystals.
Applications of semiconductor nanocrystals such as biomarkers and light-emitting optoelectronic devices require that their fluorescence quantum yield be close to 100%. However, such quantum yieldsExpand
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Compressive adaptive computational ghost imaging
We demonstrate an adaptive compressive sampling technique that performs measurements directly in a sparse basis without any computational overhead, so the result is available instantly. Expand
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Subsecond spin relaxation times in quantum dots at zero applied magnetic field due to a strong electron-nuclear interaction.
A key to ultralong electron spin memory in quantum dots (QDs) at zero magnetic field is the polarization of the nuclei, such that the electron spin is stabilized along the average nuclear magneticExpand
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