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Kindlin-3 is required for β2 integrin–mediated leukocyte adhesion to endothelial cells
Integrin activation is essential for the function of all blood cells, including platelets and leukocytes. The blood cell–specific FERM domain protein Kindlin-3 is required for the activation of theExpand
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RhoH is important for positive thymocyte selection and T-cell receptor signaling.
RhoH is a small GTPase expressed only in the hematopoietic system. With the use of mice with targeted disruption of the RhoH gene, we demonstrated that RhoH is crucial for thymocyte maturation duringExpand
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X-ray structure of clotting factor IXa: active site and module structure related to Xase activity and hemophilia B.
Hereditary deficiency of factor IXa (fIXa), a key enzyme in blood coagulation, causes hemophilia B, a severe X chromosome-linked bleeding disorder afflicting 1 in 30,000 males; clinical studies haveExpand
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Human monocytes are severely impaired in base and DNA double-strand break repair that renders them vulnerable to oxidative stress
Monocytes are key players in the immune system. Crossing the blood barrier, they infiltrate tissues and differentiate into (i) macrophages that fight off pathogens and (ii) dendritic cells (DCs) thatExpand
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Adult murine hematopoiesis can proceed without beta1 and beta7 integrins.
The function of alpha4beta1 and alpha4beta7 integrins in hematopoiesis is controversial. While some experimental evidence suggests a crucial role for these integrins in retention and expansion ofExpand
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Dysfunction of endocytic and autophagic pathways in a lysosomal storage disease
To understand the mechanisms of skeletal muscle destruction and resistance to enzyme replacement therapy in Pompe disease, a deficiency of lysosomal acid α‐glucosidase (GAA), in which glycogenExpand
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β1 integrins differentially control extravasation of inflammatory cell subsets into the CNS during autoimmunity
Inhibiting the α4 subunit of the integrin heterodimers α4β1 and α4β7 with the monoclonal antibody natalizumab is an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). However, the pharmacologicalExpand
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Beta1 integrins: zip codes and signaling relay for blood cells.
At least eight of the twelve known members of the beta1 integrin family are expressed on hematopoietic cells. Among these, the VCAM-1 receptor alpha4beta1 has received most attention as a main factorExpand
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Plasticizers in PVC Toys and Childcare Products: What Succeeds the Phthalates? Market Survey 2007
In 1999, the EU banned the use of certain phthalates as plasticizers for toys and childcare products. To check the plasticizers actually used, in the first half of 2007 toys and childcare articlesExpand
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Analysis of integrin functions in peri-implantation embryos, hematopoietic system, and skin.
Integrins mediate cell adhesion, permit traction forces important for cell migration, and cross-talk with growth factor receptors to regulate cell proliferation, cell survival, and cellExpand
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