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A Glycine Site Associated with N‐Methyl‐d‐Aspartic Acid Receptors: Characterization and Identification of a New Class of Antagonists
Abstract Membranes from rat telencephalon contain a single class of strychnine‐insensitive glycine sites. That these sites are associated with N‐methyl‐d‐aspartic acid (NMDA) receptors is indicatedExpand
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The biochemistry of memory: a new and specific hypothesis.
Recent studies have uncovered a synaptic process with properties required for an intermediate step in memory storage. Calcium rapidly and irreversibly increases the number of receptors for glutamateExpand
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Estimating crop supply response in the presence of farm programmes: application to the CAP
This paper proposes an analytical framework allowing estimation of the effects of the new instrumentation of the CAP in the arable crop sector--price cuts, compensatory payments and land set-asideExpand
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Tyrosine phosphorylation of ionotropic glutamate receptors by Fyn or Src differentially modulates their susceptibility to calpain and enhances their binding to spectrin and PSD‐95
Both tyrosine phosphorylation and calpain‐mediated truncation of ionotropic glutamate receptors are important mechanisms for synaptic plasticity. Previous work from our laboratory has shown thatExpand
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Oxygen free radicals in rat limbic structures after kainate-induced seizures.
Several indices of free radical generation were determined in limbic structures after kainate (KA)-induced seizure activity in adult and postnatal day (PND) 12 and 17 rats. Superoxide dismutase,Expand
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Patent Renewals as Options: Improving the Mechanism for Weeding Out Lousy Patents
This paper examines how patent renewal fees may be restructured to discourage low-value patents with the goal of reducing the burden on patent offices without unduly impairing innovation incentives.Expand
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Brain fodrin: substrate for calpain I, an endogenous calcium-activated protease.
The calcium-activated thiol-protease calpain I, which is present in cytosolic and membrane preparations from rat brain, was tested for its capacity to degrade the neuronal spectrin-like proteinExpand
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Joint Management of Emission Abatement and Technological Innovation for Stock Externalities
We investigate how emission abatement and technological innovation provide different solutions to reduce pollutant emissions. In the case of a stock externality emission abatement leads to a smoothExpand
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Characterization of Two [3H]Glutamate Binding Sites in Rat Hippocampal Membranes
Abstract: The specific binding of l‐[3H]glutamate was investigated in the presence and the absence of sodium ions in freshly prepared membranes from rat hippocampus. Sodium ions were found to have aExpand
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Comparing firms' triadic patent applications across countries: Is there a gap in terms of R&D effort or a gap in terms of performances?
This paper addresses the question of national differences as regard the number of triadic patents applied for by inventors from several OECD countries. The key idea is to determine whether suchExpand
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