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Creativity, Intelligence, and Personality: A Critical Review of the Scattered Literature
  • M. Batey, A. Furnham
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Genetic, social, and general psychology…
  • 1 November 2006
The authors examined the relations among intelligence, personality, and creativity. They consider the concept and definition of creativity in conjunction with the qualifications that researchers inExpand
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Creativity, Intelligence and Personality
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The Measurement of Creativity: From Definitional Consensus to the Introduction of a New Heuristic Framework
  • M. Batey
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • 1 May 2009
The scientific study of creativity has proven a difficult undertaking. Expand
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The relationship between measures of creativity and schizotypy
The aim of this study was to determine the extent to which a measure of multidimensional schizotypy and intelligence predicted measures of creativity, as assessed by self-rated creativity, a measureExpand
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Personality, hypomania, intelligence and creativity
Abstract This study examined the relationship between fluid intelligence, the Big Five traits, hypomania and three measures of creativity: Divergent Thinking fluency, Self-rated creativity and theExpand
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Individual Differences in Ideational Behavior: Can the Big Five and Psychometric Intelligence Predict Creativity Scores?
This study explored the extent to which ideational behavior (IB; Runco, Plucker, & Lim, 2000–2001), an indicator of creativity, is related to established individual differences in personality traitsExpand
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Intelligence, general knowledge and personality as predictors of creativity
This study sought to examine the contribution of fluid intelligence, general knowledge and Big Five personality traits in predicting four indices of creativity: Divergent Thinking (DT) fluency, RatedExpand
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Intelligence and personality as predictors of divergent thinking: The role of general, fluid and crystallised intelligence
Two studies examined the relationships between measures of intelligence, personality and divergent thinking (DT) in student samples. Study one investigated the incremental validity of measures of IQExpand
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Individual Difference predictors of creativity in art and science students
Abstract Two studies are reported that used multiple measures of creativity to investigate creativity differences and correlates in arts and science students. The first study examined DivergentExpand
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Personality and ability predictors of the ''Consequences" Test of divergent thinking in a large non-student sample
Over 3000 adult managers attending an assessment centre completed a battery of tests including three personality trait inventories (NEO-PIR; MBTI; and HDS), two ability tests (GMA, WG) and a wellExpand
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