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Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in soil by microbial consortium
Bacterial strains used in this study were from the Center for Research in Enzymes and Microbiology (CREAM) collection of strains, at Universiti Putra Malaysia, and were isolated from hydrocarbon-contaminated soil samples by enrichments on either crude oil or individual hydrocarbons as the sole carbon source.
Enzyme and microbial technology: biotechnology of fats and oils.
To develop an enzyme technology industry, a sizeable enzyme bank is a priority requirement. A group of enzymes of interest to us and currently attracting attention of researchers throughout the
A modeling study by response surface methodology and artificial neural network on culture parameters optimization for thermostable lipase production from a newly isolated thermophilic Geobacillus sp.
Though both RSM and ANN models provided good quality predictions in this study, yet the ANN showed a clear superiority over RSM for both data fitting and estimation capabilities.
Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollution
Uncontrolled and catastrophic releases of petroleum pose ecologicaland environmental repercussions as a lot of hydrocarbon components are toxic and persistent in terrestrial and aquatic environments.
Optimization of physical factors affecting the production of thermo-stable organic solvent-tolerant protease from a newly isolated halo tolerant Bacillus subtilis strain Rand
Strain Rand has been found to be able to secrete extra-cellular thermostable organic solvent-tolerant protease into the culture medium and exhibited a remarkable stability towards temperature and organic solvent.