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A rainwater harvesting system reliability model based on nonparametric stochastic rainfall generator.
Summary The reliability with which harvested rainwater can be used as a means of flushing toilets, irrigating gardens, and topping off air-conditioner serving multifamily residential buildings in NewExpand
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A prepaid architecture for solar electricity delivery in rural areas
This paper demonstrates a model for electricity delivery and revenue collection in a rural context with the potential to increase the reliability of service delivery and lower operating costs compared to traditional fixed monthly fee utilities. Expand
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Endophyte Infection Levels of Native and Naturalized Fescues in Illinois and England
SPYREAS, G., D.J. GIBSON, AND M.A. BASINGER. (Department of Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL 62901). Endophyte infection levels of native and naturalizedExpand
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Compression ignition engine modifications for straight plant oil fueling in remote contexts: Modification design and short-run testing
Abstract Though many plant oils have a similar energy density to fossil diesel fuel, several properties of plant oils are considerably different from those of diesel. Engine modifications canExpand
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Durability testing modified compression ignition engines fueled with straight plant oil
Many short-run studies point to the potential for direct fueling of compression ignition engines with plant oil fuels. There is a much smaller body of work that examines the potential for these fuelsExpand
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The Use of Vegetable Oil as Fuel for Distributed Power Generation in Developing Countries
This study reports an ongoing effort to investigate the degradation rate of a low-speed Listeroid diesel engine running on filtered waste vegetable oil (WVO). It aims to measure the performance, wearExpand
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