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Learning words in nonostensive contexts
Four word learning studies with 24-month-old children are reported. In Studies 1 and 2, an adult used a novel word to announce her intention to perform an action or to find an object. It was foundExpand
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Who Hates Gender Outlaws? A Multisite and Multinational Evaluation of the Genderism and Transphobia Scale
ABSTRACT Four independent studies conducted in three different countries evaluated the strength of the Genderism and Transphobia Scale (GTS; Hill & Willoughby, 2005), a recently developed measure ofExpand
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Joint Attention and Conversation in Mother‐Infant‐Sibling Triads
The current study investigated the general nature of joint attentional and conversational interaction in mother-infant-sibling triads. 9 19-month-old infants and 9 24-month-old infants wereExpand
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The rest of the family: the role of fathers and siblings in early language development
Introduction At one time there was a simple picture of the role of the linguistic environment in child language acquisition. The classic motherese hypothesis – as embodied, for example, in many ofExpand
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Two-year-olds' conversations with their mothers and preschool-aged siblings
The pragmatics of sibling-infant and mother-infant conversations were compared. Sixteen children, 22 to 26 months of age, were videotaped for 15 minutes in dyadic interaction with their mothers andExpand
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Idiopathic jaundice in premature infants.
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Causes of Severe Deafness in Schoolchildren in Northumberland and Durham
In 1948 Lande recognized that deafness as well as choreo-athetosis and mental deficiency could follow severe neonatal jaundice. Crabtree and Gerrard (1950) reported that the degree of deafness boreExpand
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Arrhinencephaly associated with a deficiency involving chromosome 18.
Bilateral harelip, cleft palate, and some form of arrhinencephalic malformation of the brain are among the more common striking features of trisomy 13-15. These cranio-facial malformations areExpand
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Barbiturate and hyperbilirubinaemia of prematurity.
Abstract 364 premature infants had previously been studied for the presence of neonatal jaundice, and repeated bilirubin estimations had been made in those showing more than minimal jaundice. In viewExpand
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Intermittent vertical supranuclear ophthalmoplegia and ataxia
A 6‐year‐old girl is described with a history of episodes of severe ataxia precipitated by fever since the age of 11 months and in whom mental and physical development was otherwise normal. TheExpand
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