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Community shifts, alternative stable states, biogeochemical controls and feedbacks in eutrophic coastal lagoons: a brief overview
(1) The succession of primary producer communities in coastal lagoons is analysed in the light of the regime shift theory. Pristine coastal lagoons are considered to be dominated by extensiveExpand
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Seasonal oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus benthic cycling along an impacted Baltic Sea estuary: regulation and spatial patterns
The regulatory roles of temperature, eutrophication and oxygen availability on benthic nitrogen (N) cycling and the stoichiometry of regenerated nitrogen and phosphorus (P) were explored along aExpand
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Denitrification, nitrogen fixation, community primary productivity and inorganic-N and oxygen fluxes in an intertidal Zostera noltii meadow
Rates of denitrification, N-fixation, gross community primary productivity, inorganic-N and oxygen fluxes were determined in February, May and October 1997 in an intertidal Zostera noltii meadow ofExpand
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Organic waste impact of capture-based Atlantic bluefin tuna aquaculture at an exposed site in the Mediterranean Sea
Abstract A variety of pelagic and benthic parameters were measured at an aquaculture farm used for the fattening of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) which is located at an exposed site (700 mExpand
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Decomposition of four macrophytes in wetland sediments: Organic matter and nutrient decay and associated benthic processes
Abstract Decomposition rates of Phragmites australis, Carex riparia, Nuphar luteum and Salvinia natans and benthic processes were measured from December 2003 to December 2004 in a shallow wetlandExpand
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Iron, sulphur and phosphorus cycling in the rhizosphere sediments of a eutrophic Ruppia cirrhosa meadow (Valle Smarlacca, Italy)
Abstract The growth dynamics of a residual Ruppia cirrhosa meadow of the eutrophic Valle Smarlacca lagoon, Italy, were monitored over an annual cycle and related to the cycling of iron, sulphur andExpand
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Origin and fate of nitrates in groundwater from the central Po plain: Insights from isotopic investigations
Abstract Original data and information from recent studies are presented with the goal of identifying the N sources, sinks, major transformations and sites of accumulation within groundwater of theExpand
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Impact of Tapes philippinarum farming on nutrient dynamics and benthic respiration in the Sacca di Goro
AbstractThe introduction of the short-necked clam Tapes philippinarum into the Sacca di Goro has over a short period made this coastal environment one of the top European clam production sites. InExpand
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Rare but large bivalves alter benthic respiration and nutrient recycling in riverine sediments
Bioturbation studies have generally analyzed small and abundant organisms while the contribution to the benthic metabolism by rare, large macrofauna has received little attention. We hypothesize thatExpand
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Influence of hydrological connectivity of riverine wetlands on nitrogen removal via denitrification
Wetland ecosystems in agricultural areas often become progressively more isolated from main water bodies. Stagnation favors the accumulation of organic matter as the supply of electron acceptors withExpand
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