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Acetylcysteine and non-ionic isosmolar contrast-induced nephropathy--a randomized controlled study.
INTRODUCTION Intravenous administration of saline and non-ionic isosmolar contrast media significantly reduces the incidence of contrast-induced nephropathy, one of the most common causes of acuteExpand
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Characterization of Prunus-infecting apricot latent virus-like Foveaviruses: evolutionary and taxonomic implications.
The complete genomic sequences of four Prunus-infecting Apricot latent virus (ApLV) like isolates were determined and used to analyze the taxonomic position and variability of these viruses. TheExpand
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Impact of prior or concomitant seasonal influenza vaccination on MF59‐adjuvanted H1N1v vaccine (Focetria™) in adult and elderly subjects
Background:  When H1N1v vaccines become widely available, most elderly subjects will have already received their seasonal influenza vaccination. Adults seeking H1N1v vaccination may be offeredExpand
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Characterization by Deep Sequencing of Prunus virus T, a Novel Tepovirus Infecting Prunus Species.
Double-stranded RNAs purified from a cherry tree collected in Italy and a plum tree collected in Azerbaijan were submitted to deep sequencing. Contigs showing weak but significant identity withExpand
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Serum proteins and work habits in a group of farm-workers exposed to EBDCs
Abstract Background: Study of the association between genetic variability and individual susceptibility can help to characterize occupational or environmental risks due to xenobiotics. Aim: ThisExpand
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Errors in insulin treatment management and risk of lipohypertrophy
AbstractAimsLipohypertrophy (LH) represents the most common skin-related complication associated with insulin therapy. Our aim is to estimate the prevalence of LH among insulin-treated patients, toExpand
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Viroid-like RNAs from cherry trees affected by leaf scorch disease: further data supporting their association with mycoviral double-stranded RNAs
Cherry trees from Spain affected by cherry leaf scorch (CLS), a fungal disease proposed to be caused by Apiognomonia erythrostoma, show symptoms (translucent-chlorotic leaf spots evolving into rustyExpand
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Pancake polycystic kidney: case report.
Pancake kidney is a very rare fusion abnormality, characterised by the presence of a renal parenchymal mass located in pelvic site, generally with two pelvies and two ureters and without anExpand
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Cydonia japonica, Pyrus calleryana and P. amygdaliformis: three new ornamental or wild hosts of Apple stem pitting virus
Japanese quince, ornamental and wild pear symptomless samples were infected with Apple stem pitting virus (ASPV). Identification of ASPV was achieved by different PCR assays that amplified either theExpand
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