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Elijah Alexander III Dies
Barriers to 3-Hydroxypropionate-Dependent Growth of Rhodobacter sphaeroides by Distinct Disruptions of the Ethylmalonyl Coenzyme A Pathway.
Rhodobacter sphaeroides is able to use 3-hydroxypropionate as the sole carbon source through the reductive conversion of 3-hydroxypropionate to propionyl coenzyme A (propionyl-CoA). TheExpand
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Biggest Rogue Waves in Ocean History
Innovation feature: How motorsport can lead to irrigation innovation
It was 2006 and a tooling upgrade made the engineering team at Toro Australia rethink how to design a mini sprinkler frame. Customer feedback had shown that growers wanted a sprinkler with improvedExpand
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Tampa Bay Safety Jermaine Phillips Chokes Wife