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The role of salinity in structuring the fish assemblages in a tropical estuary
The present study describes the seasonal changes of the fish species composition in three areas of the main channel of the Caete River estuary, Brazil. The fish faunas of each habitat differed inExpand
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Plastic debris ingestion by marine catfish: an unexpected fisheries impact.
Plastic marine debris is a pervasive type of pollution. River basins and estuaries are a source of plastics pollution for coastal waters and oceans. Estuarine fauna is therefore exposed to chronicExpand
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Seasonal changes in density, biomass, and diversity of estuarine fishes in tidal mangrove creeks of the lower Caeté Estuary (northern Brazilian coast, east Amazon)
The present study investigated the assemblage of fish species in an intertidal mangrove forest during high tide in a macrotide region. We describe the seasonal changes in the fish assemblageExpand
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Distribution patterns of microplastics within the plankton of a tropical estuary.
The Goiana Estuary was studied regarding the seasonal and spatial variations of microplastics (<5mm) and their quantification relative to the zooplankton. The total density (n 100 m(-3)) ofExpand
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Ingestion of nylon threads by Gerreidae while using a tropical estuary as foraging grounds
The ingestion of plastic fragments by 3 species of Gerreidae (Eugerres brasilianus, Eucinostomus melanopterus and Diapterus rhombeus) in a tropical estuary in Northeast Brazil was assessed for 3Expand
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Fish and aquatic habitat conservation in South America: a continental overview with emphasis on neotropical systems.
Fish conservation in South America is a pressing issue. The biodiversity of fishes, just as with all other groups of plants and animals, is far from fully known. Continuing habitat loss may result inExpand
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Structure and Seasonal Dynamics of Larval Fish in the Caeté River Estuary in North Brazil
The larval fish assemblage was examined along a salinity gradient of the Caete River Estuary situated in northern Brazil. A total of 35 555 larvae, representing 28 families and 63 taxa were collectedExpand
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The seasonal and spatial patterns of ingestion of polyfilament nylon fragments by estuarine drums (Sciaenidae)
IntroductionArtisanal fisheries in tropical estuaries are an important economic activity worldwide. However, gear (e.g. ropes, nets, buoys, crates) and vessels are often in use under dangerousExpand
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Global research priorities to mitigate plastic pollution impacts on marine wildlife
Marine wildlife faces a growing number of threats across the globe, and the survival of many species and populations will be dependent on conservation action. One threat in particu- lar that hasExpand
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Factors affecting seasonal variations in demersal fish assemblages at an ecocline in a tropical–subtropical estuary
Seasonal changes of fish species composition in terms of biomass, density and number of species in three areas of the main channel of the Paranagua Estuary (axis east–west) are described in relationExpand
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