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Encoding of phonology in a recurrent neural model of grounded speech
It is found that phoneme representations are most salient in the lower layers of the model, where low-level signals are processed at a fine-grained level, although a large amount of phonological information is retain at the top recurrent layer. Expand
The Impact of Word Order and Case Marking on Word and Structure Learning - An Artificial Language Learning Experiment
The results show that the accessibility depends on the learner’s native language, and exposure to a word order similar to their native language improved performance, allowing participants to use their word order knowledge to bootstrap word learning. Expand
Picture this! The effects of positivity bias, saliency, and verbal politeness in valence framing research.
In earlier research on valence framing, factual and evaluative frames have been studied separately. Different factors have been argued to play a role for the two framing types: saliency for facts,Expand