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Independent effects of growth hormone releasing factor on growth hormone release and gene transcription
The synthesis and secretion of growth hormone (GH) by the somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary is under complex hormonal regulation. The hypothalamic peptides, growth hormone releasing factorExpand
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Transcriptional regulation of growth hormone gene expression by growth hormone-releasing factor
Production and release of hormones by the pituitary is known to be under complex hormonal control. Prolactin, for example, is both positively and negatively regulated by steroid and thyroid hormonesExpand
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Where have all the froggies gone?
Article de synthese sur le premier Congres Mondial d'Herpetologie (Canterbury, U.K., Septembre 1989) concernant le declin de nombreuses especes d'amphibiens de par le monde. Plusieurs exemples,Expand
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Cell suicide: by ICE, not fire.
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From Bench Top to Bedside
CANCER RESEARCHMore than 2 decades of research on oncogenes and tumor suppressors may finally pay off in a new generation of more specific, less toxic, cancer drugs. Some have already yieldedExpand
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Death by Dozens of Cuts
APOPTOSISAlthough cell biologists have known for years that cells have within them a program that can cause them to commit suicide, only recently have they been able to get at the heart of thatExpand
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Studying the Well-Trained Mind
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS-- At a conference last month called Investigating the Mind, held here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, neuroscientists and Buddhist scholars discussed attention,Expand
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What makes brain neurons run?
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Surprises across the cultural divide
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Neurotrophic factors enter the clinic.
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