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Microalgal production--a close look at the economics.
UNLABELLED Worldwide, microalgal biofuel production is being investigated. It is strongly debated which type of production technology is the most adequate. Microalgal biomass production costs wereExpand
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Acetate as a carbon source for hydrogen production by photosynthetic bacteria.
Hydrogen is a clean energy alternative to fossil fuels. Photosynthetic bacteria produce hydrogen from organic compounds by an anaerobic light-dependent electron transfer process. In the present studyExpand
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Biorefinery of microalgae for food and fuel.
Microalgae are a promising source for proteins, lipids and carbohydrates for the food/feed and biofuel industry. In comparison with soya and palm oil, microalgae can be grown in a more efficient andExpand
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Food commodities from microalgae.
The prospect of sustainable production of food ingredients from photoautotrophic microalgae was reviewed. Clearly, there is scope for microalgal oils to replace functions of major vegetable oils, andExpand
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Towards industrial products from microalgae
Microalgae show an enormous potential as sustainable feedstock for numerous bioproducts. The current work analyzes the feasibility of business cases for different markets of products from microalgae.Expand
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Comparison of four outdoor pilot-scale photobioreactors
BackgroundMicroalgae are a potential source of sustainable commodities of fuels, chemicals and food and feed additives. The current high production costs, as a result of the low areal productivities,Expand
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Microalgae cultivation in air-lift reactors: modeling biomass yield and growth rate as a function of mixing frequency.
The slow development of microalgal biotechnology stems from the failure in the design of large-scale photobioreactors where light energy is efficiently utilized. Due to the light gradient inside theExpand
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Hydrodynamic stress and lethal events in sparged microalgae cultures.
The effect of high superficial gas velocities in continuous and batch cultures of the strains Dunaliella tertiolecta, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii wild-type and cell wall-lacking mutant was studied inExpand
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Optimization of biomass, vitamins, and carotenoid yield on light energy in a flat-panel reactor using the A-stat technique.
Acceleration-stat (A-stat) cultivations in which the dilution rate is continuously changed at a constant acceleration rate, leading to different average light intensities inside the photobioreactor,Expand
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Overcoming shear stress of microalgae cultures in sparged photobioreactors
In the present work we identified and quantified the effect of hydrodynamic stress on two different microalgae strains, Dunaliella tertiolecta and D. salina, cultivated in bench‐scale bubble columns.Expand
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