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Why Is Climate Sensitivity So Unpredictable?
Uncertainties in projections of future climate change have not lessened substantially in past decades. Both models and observations yield broad probability distributions for long-term increases inExpand
Characteristics of Cumulus Band Clouds off the Coast of Hawaii.
Abstract We have analyzed aircraft observations from seventeen cumulus cells within cloud bands observed off the east coast of Hawaii during the Joint Hawaii Warm Rain Project (JHWRP) of 1985. LowExpand
Effect of precipitation on the albedo susceptibility of clouds in the marine boundary layer
TROPOSPHERIC aerosols are thought to have three important effects on the Earth's radiation budget: the direct radiative effect1 (pertur-bation of clear-sky reflectivity), the indirect radiativeExpand
Variability in concentrations of cloud condensation nuclei in the marine cloud–topped boundary layer
In previous work, we suggested there may be two equilibrium states for the well-mixed marine cloud–topped boundary layer, each characterized by a limited range of values of the condensation nucleusExpand
Buoyancy reversal and cloud‐top entrainment instability
In 1980, Randall suggested that cloud top entrainment instability, a runaway positive feedback between mixing, evaporative cooling and entrainment, may cause the transition from the subtropicalExpand
The influence of entrainment on the evolution of cloud droplet spectra: I. A model of inhomogeneous mixing
In this, the first of two related papers, we present calculations of the growth of a population of condensate droplets rising above cloud base within small cumuli which are entraining undersaturatedExpand
The Shape of Things to Come: Why Is Climate Change So Predictable?
The framework of feedback analysis is used to explore the controls on the shape of the probability distribution of global mean surface temperature response to climate forcing. It is shown that oceanExpand
A Parameterization of Warm Clouds for Use in Atmospheric General-Circulation Models
Abstract Simple parameterizations of droplet effective radius in stratiform and convective clouds are presented for use in global climate models. Datasets from subtropical marine stratocumulus,Expand
The Effects of Turbulent Mixing in Clouds
Abstract Turbulent mixing of cloudy and cloud-free air may play an important role in determining the overall dynamic and microphysical behavior of warm clouds. We present a model of turbulent mixingExpand
Initial stages in the morphological evolution of vapour‐grown ice crystals: A laboratory investigation
We describe experiments to investigate the first stages in the evolution of small (100–200 µm) ice crystals levitated in air at temperatures and humidities characteristic of fully glaciatedExpand