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This review highlights various factors that affect the rate of dissolution of drugs associated with the physicochemical properties, formulation, type of dosage form, device used and other factors such as food effect, etc. Expand
Fixed Dose Combination of Arterolane and Piperaquine: A Newer Prospect in Antimalarial Therapy
Arterolane is one of the first fully synthetic non-artemisinin antimalarial compound with rapid schizontocidal activity, hence offering an alternative to art Artemisinin drugs in malaria control. Expand
Irrational antibiotic prescribing practice among children in critical care of tertiary hospitals.
The irrational prescribing of antibiotics was found very high (above 50%) in Public sector hospital for every age group whereas in Private sector hospital (Hospital-A) this practice was found near to 50%. Expand
Myths and realities: A novel study on COVID-19 among the medical students of Rural university of Sindh, Pakistan
Background: The COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan city of China It was treated as a case of pneumonia having no etiology, first appeared in December 2019 Its spread was at a rapid pace worldwide ItExpand
Bioactive alkaloids produced by fungi. I. Updates on alkaloids from the species of the genera Boletus, Fusarium and psilocybe.
The authors have tried to provide an information on the alkaloids produced by the species of genera: Boletus, Fusarium and Psilocybef from 1981-2009 to provide valuable information for the researchers of the same field. Expand
Novel HPLC method for quantitative determination of cefazolin sodium in pharmaceutical formulations
This paper reports a validated high-performance liquid chromatography method which is rapid, highly specific, and accurate for determination of cefazolin sodium in injec table pharmaceuticalExpand
Detection of the Incidence of Infections and Acute Biochemical Changes in Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma Patients Treated with Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin, Vincristine and Prednisone (CHOP) with
Liver profile including (bilirubin, SGOT and SGPT) Urea, Creatinine and electrolytes should strictly be considered if found deranged before every treatment cycle and suspend chemotherapy in case of moderate or severe toxicity. Expand
An Overview of Analytical Determination of Diltiazem, Cimetidine, Ranitidine, and Famotidine by UV Spectrophotometry and HPLC Technique
This review article recapitulates the analytical methods for the quantitative determinations of diltiazem and three H2 receptor antagonists (cimetidine, ranitidine, and famotidine) by one of theExpand
Influence of direct electric field on PMCG-alginate-based microcapsule
In this study, the influence of direct electric current on a microcapsule was investigated. The microcapsule consisted of a core from a calcium ion and sodium alginate (SA) complex and theExpand
Nanocomposite Materials for Wastewater Decontamination
Modernization and industrialization of human life make the fresh water continuously contaminated due to the use of a variety of organic and inorganic pollutants. Contamination of clean water may beExpand