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An improved design of wind towers for natural ventilation and passive cooling
Abstract A design is proposed to improve the performance of wind towers (or Baud-Geers) for natural ventilation and passive cooling. Under similar climatological and design conditions, the new designExpand
Passive cooling systems in Iranian architecture
The techniques employed traditionally to climatise buildings and provide cold water and ice for hot summers in iran's arid regions using solar and wind energy are described. These architecturalExpand
Selection of micro turbines to meet electrical and thermal energy needs of residential buildings in Iran
Abstract Micro gas turbines are considered to meet the electrical, domestic hot water, heating and cooling energy needs of a residential building located in Tehran, Ahvaz and Hamedan. The building isExpand
Experimental investigation of new designs of wind towers
Two new designs of wind towers were tested side by side with a conventional wind tower in the city of Yazd, Iran. All the towers were of identical dimensions. The two new designs were one with wettedExpand
Passive cooling in hot, arid regions in developing countries by employing domed roofs and reducing the temperature of internal surfaces
Abstract Natural ventilation due to wind effects through buildings employing domed roofs was estimated by a flow network analysis. The dome was assumed to have an opening at its crown. When comparedExpand
Evaluation of pressure coefficients and estimation of air flow rates in buildings employing wind towers
Abstract Wind pressure coefficients at various openings of a wind tower were determined by testing a scale model of the building in a boundary layer wind tunnel. Wind towers (or Baud-Geers) areExpand
Long-term storage of chilled water in cisterns in hot, arid regions
Abstract Seasonal storage of chilled water in a large underground reservoir was studied by considering a two-dimensional heat flow in water and the soil surrounding the cistern, and by employing aExpand
Performance analysis and parametric study of thermal energy storage in an aquifer coupled with a heat pump and solar collectors, for a residential complex in Tehran, Iran
Abstract Aquifers are underground porous formations containing water. Confined aquifers are the formations surrounded by two impermeable layers, called cap rocks and bed rocks. These aquifers areExpand
Passive cooling effects of courtyards
The passive cooling effects of a courtyard of a small building were determined numerically, employing an energy-analysis software developed for that purpose. The passive cooling features consideredExpand
Viability of wind towers in achieving summer comfort in the hot arid regions of the middle east
Operation of conventional wind towers, or Baud-Geers, are described. Wind towers maintain natural ventilation through buildings due to wind or buoyancy effects. The tower structure is cooledExpand