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Log-concave probability and its applications
Summary.In many applications, assumptions about the log-concavity of a probability distribution allow just enough special structure to yield a workable theory. This paper catalogs a series ofExpand
Provision of Public Goods: Fully Implementing the Core through Private Contributions
Standard economic intuition would say that private provision of public goods will be inefficient due to free-rider problems. This view is in contrast to the results in the literature on fullExpand
Voluntary Contribution Games: Efficient Private Provision of Public Goods
This paper reports on a series of laboratory experiments designed to evaluate a mechanism for the voluntary provision of public good. The public good is provided if the total contributions meet orExpand
Selling to Socially Responsible Consumers: Competition and The Private Provision of Public Goods
We model firms as competing for socially responsible consumers by linking the provision of a public good (environmentally friendly or socially responsible activities) to sales of their private goods.Expand
Courtship as a Waiting Game
In most times and places, women on average marry older men. We propose a partial explanation for this difference and for why it is diminishing. In a society in which the economic roles of males areExpand
Successful Takeovers without Exclusion
While most takeover models assume atomistic stockholders, we analyze a single-raider model with finitely many stockholders. Because the raider can always make some stockholders pivotal, he canExpand
Durable-Goods Monopoly with Discrete Demand
We analyze a dynamic game between consumers and the sole seller of a durable good. Unlike previous analyses, we assume that there exists a finite collection of buyers rather than a continuum. None ofExpand
The Information in Management's Expected Earnings Report Date: A Day Late, A Penny Short
Since 1995, managers of thousands of firms have voluntarily disclosed the expected date of their firm’s next quarterly earnings announcement to Thomson Financial Services Inc. These disclosures areExpand
Financial Reporting and Supplemental Voluntary Disclosures
A standard result in the voluntary disclosure literature is that when the manager's private information is a signal correlated with the firm's liquidation value, mandatory disclosures substitute forExpand
The Effect of Relative Performance Evaluation on Earnings Management: A Game-theoretic Approach
Because investors and creditors often compare the financial statements of similar or competing firms when deciding how to allocate their funds, it is likely that a firm's financial well-being dependsExpand