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Biodiesel: the use of vegetable oils and their derivatives as alternative diesel fuels.
Vegetable oils and their derivatives (especially methyl esters), commonly referred to as {open_quotes}biodiesel{close_quotes}, are prominent candidates as alternative diesel fuels. They have advanced
Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum for Fermentable Sugar Production Potential 1
Etude dans 6 stations de latitudes 47 o N a 21 o N non habituellement associees a la production de sorgho sucre aux USA
Predicting cetane numbers of n-alcohols and methyl esters from their physical properties
Cetane numbers (C#) for the homologous series of straight-chain, saturated n-alcohols, C5−C12 and C14, were determined according to ASTM D 613. Measured C# ranged from 18.2–80.8 and increased
Microbial conversion of oleic acid to 10-hydroxystearic acid
Resting cell suspensions of seven Nocardia species catalyzed the production of 10-hydroxystearic acid from oleic acid via hydration of the double bond, specific for fatty acids with cis unsaturation at the 9 position.
Production of a new compound, 7,10-dihydroxy-8-(E)-octadecenoic acid from oleic acid byPseudomonas sp. PR3
A new compound, 7,10-dihydroxy-8-(E)-octadecenoic acid (DOD) was produced from oleic acid by a new strain of Pseudomonas sp.
Preparation of Cationic Starch Ether: A Reaction Efficiency Study *
Cationic starch ether, important as a papermaking additive, was prepared from native corn starch and 2-chloro-3-hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride in aqueous media in a study to ascertain
Correlation of heats of combustion with empirical formulas for fatty alcohols
Gross heats of combustion (Hg) for the homologous series of saturated fatty alcohols C10–C22 were measured in a Parr adiabatic calorimeter according to ASTM D240 and D2015. The measured values for
Low-temperature properties of triglyceride-based diesel fuels: Transesterified methyl esters and petroleum middle distillate/ester blends
This work examines low-temperature properties of triglyceride-based alternate fuels for direct-injection compression-ignition engines. Methyl esters from transesterified soybean oil were studied as