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Analysis of the S-locus structure in Prunus armeniaca L. Identification ofS-haplotype specific S-RNase and F-box genes
Results support the S-RNase and F-box genes as candidates for the pistil and pollen S-determinants of GSI in apricot. Expand
Simple-sequence repeat (SSR) markers of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) are highly polymorphic and transferable to peach and almond
Polymorphic microsatellites developed using a CT/AG enriched genomic library of Japanese plum cv. Expand
Self-Compatibility of Two Apricot Selections Is Associated with Two Pollen-Part Mutations of Different Nature1[W]
Analysis of self-compatible cultivars of apricot, Currot and Canino suggests that cv Canino has an additional mutation, not linked to the S-locus, which causes a loss of pollen-S activity when present in pollen, and supports the proposal that the S'-locus products besides other S- locus independent factors are required for gametophytic SI in Prunus. Expand
Analysis of apricot germplasm from the European ecogeographical group
Morphological, phenological and fruit quality traits of 55 apricot cultivars, including the most important clones grown in Spain, France and Italy, were evaluated using principal component analysis.Expand
Identification of Self-(in)compatibility Alleles in Apricot by PCR and Sequence Analysis
This PCR-based typing system also facilitates the identifi cation of the Sc-allele and might be a very useful tool for predicting self-compatibility in apricot breeding progenies. Expand
An apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) F2 progeny linkage map based on SSR and AFLP markers, mapping plum pox virus resistance and self-incompatibility traits
A genetic linkage map of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) was constructed using AFLP and SSR markers to compare and establish homologies among the respective linkage groups. Expand
Genetic linkage maps of two apricot cultivars (Prunus armeniaca L.), and mapping of PPV (sharka) resistance
Genetic linkage maps for two apricot cultivars have been constructed using AFLP, RAPD, RFLP and SSR markers in 81 F1 individuals from the cross 'Goldrich' × 'Valenciano', the most-important virus affecting Prunus species. Expand
Identification and mapping of a locus conferring plum pox virus resistance in two apricot-improved linkage maps
Two apricot maps, earlier constructed with the F1 ‘Goldrich × Currot’ (G×C) and the F2 ‘Lito × Lito’-98 (L×L-98) populations, have been improved including 43 and 37 new simple sequence repeat (SSR) loci, respectively, to facilitate PPV resistance trait mapping. Expand
Development and characterization of microsatellite markers in pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)
The development of 117 microsatellite loci from a CT/AG-enriched pomegranate genomic library will facilitate genetic diversity studies, mapping, and genotyping of poregranate. Expand
Analysis of genetic diversity among persimmon cultivars using microsatellite markers
The present paper was aimed at exploring the genetic diversity among different persimmon cultivars, including those collected in the European survey as well as Japanese cultivars. Expand