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Proline hydroxylation by oxygen.
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Biosynthesis of fatty acids in the roach Eurycotis floridana
Abstract After ingestion of [1-14C]acetate, fatty acids of the roach Eurycotis floridana show a labelling pattern consistent with biosynthesis by condensation of C2 units. Oleic acid is efficientlyExpand
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Metabolic conversions during pupation of the cecropia silkworm. 1. Deposition and utilization of nutrient reserves.
In biochemical studies of insect metamorphosis, much attention has been given to the deposition and utilization of nutrient reserves, and it has been inferred that insects may carry out netExpand
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Oxygen uptake, motility and fructolysis of turkey spermatozoa.
Oxygen uptake and fructolysis of turkey spermatozoa in two artificial media have been studied. At optimum dilutions, spermatozoa respiring in phosphate buffer (pH 6.8) have a Z02 of 3, those in Ear...
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Formula rooms for newborn infants in lying-in hospitals; results of municipal educational program to modernize preparation of formulas; with special reference to terminal sterilization.
Summary Tentative impressions are presented on the results of a continuous program from 1947 to 1949 by the Department of Health of New York City to modernize the preparation of feeding formulas forExpand
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Collagen proline hydroxylation in chick embryos
In the study of collagen biosynthesis, a vexing question has been the chemical bonding of proline at the time of its hydroxylation. Hydroxyproline is known to arise from proline only after theExpand
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Effect of Dilution on Oxygen Uptake of Turkey Semen