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Frost Tolerance of Ten Seedling Legume Species at Four Growth Stages
One-week-old seedlings had the highest tolerance to freezing temperature when close to the LT 50, compared with older seedlings, and the prediction equation and LT 50 for each species have potential for predicting seedling stand loss after a spring frost, realizing that field validation of these is impossible. Expand
Factors Modifying Frost Tolerance of Legume Species
Increase in duration of freezing temperature decreased the frost tolerance of all species when freezing temperature was near the LT 50 (temperature that kills 50% of seedlings). Expand
Cultivar, nitrogen, and water effects on productivity, and nitrogen-use efficiency and balance for rice–wheat sequences of Bangladesh
Abstract Rice ( Oryza sativa L.) and wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) are often grown in sequences under a range of nitrogen (N), water (W), and planting date in South Asia. Field experiments wereExpand
Green-manure legume effects on soil nitrogen, grain yield and nitrogen nutrition of wheat.
Objectives of these studies were to compare seeding-year herbage and N yields of five forage legume species, determine soil NO 3 -N status in the spring following green-manure legume crops, and evaluate effects of green- manure legumes on grain yield, grain yield components, and N nutrition of the subsequent wheat crop. Expand
Cultivar, Nitrogen, and Moisture Effects on a Rice-Wheat Sequence: Experimentation and Simulation
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) followed by wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is a dominant cropping sequence under a range of management regimes in South Asia, with variable productivity. Simulation models can beExpand
Forage Legume Effects on Soil Nitrogen and Grain Yield, and Nitrogen Nutrition of Wheat
On a evalue le rendement, la teneur en azote des racines et des parties aeriennes de cinq legumineuses fourrageres; le statut de l'azote sous forme NO 3 c dans le sol au printemps suivant la recolteExpand
Water use by legumes and its effect on soil water status
Green-manure and forage legumes generally had greater water use and WUE than grain legumes, and this was associated with their longer growing season and higher dry matter production. Expand
Analisis penggunaan komik Kaifa Haluka sebagai mediummempelajari asas bahasa Arab / Mohammed Iqbal Badaruddın ...[et al.]
Perkembangan dunia dengan sistem teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi menjadikan pembelajaran bahasa Arab lebih fleksibel dan mudah. Walaubagaimanapun, ianya boleh menjadi isu apabila kelebihannya tidakExpand