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Extrusion Properties and Cooking Quality of Spaghetti Containing Buckwheat Bran Flour
ABSTRACT The effect of hydration level on processing properties and the effects of hydration level, concentration of buckwheat bran flour and drying temperature on the physical and cooking quality ofExpand
Lesquerella seed yield estimation using color image segmentation to track flowering dynamics in response to variable water and nitrogen management
Abstract Seed oil from lesquerella ( Physaria fendleri (Gray) O’Kane & Al-Shehbaz) can potentially supplement castor oil as a non-petroleum-based chemical feedstock in the production of manyExpand
Cultivar and N Fertilizer Rate Affect Yield and N use Efficiency in Irrigated Durum Wheat
Optimizing N management and using cultivars with high N use efficiency (NUE) are important for durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) pro- ducers in irrigated desert production systems. A fieldExpand
Multiple Leaf Measurements Improve Effectiveness of Chlorophyll Meter for Durum Wheat Nitrogen Management
Simple and rapid methods are needed to mea - sure durum wheat ( Triticum durum L.) nitrogen (N) status and make on-site N application deci - sions for increased crop yield and grain quality. AlthoughExpand
Hyperspectral data mining to identify relevant canopy spectral features for estimating durum wheat growth, nitrogen status, and grain yield
A genetic algorithm to mine hyperspectral reflectance and spectral derivative data for spectral features that improved estimates of durum wheat traits. Expand
Improvement of low-cycle fatigue resistance in AISI 4140 steel by annealing treatment
Abstract The low-cycle fatigue (LCF) behaviour of AISI 4140 steel under annealed and as-received conditions was investigated at room temperature. The annealing treatment causes a marked decrease inExpand
Microstructure and High Temperature Oxidation of the Hot-Dipping Al-Si Coating on Low Carbon Steel in Ethanol, Water Vapor and Air at 700°C
Low carbon steel was coated by hot-dipping into a molten Al-10%Si bath. The high-temperature oxidation was performed at 700oC for 1 h to 49 h in air, air +100% H2O, and air + 30% ethanol underExpand
Hot-corrosion of AISI 1020 steel in a molten NaCl/Na2SO4 eutectic at 700°C
Hot-corrosion behavior and morphological development of AISI 1020 steel with 2 mg cm−2 mixtures of various NaCl/Na2SO4 ratios at 700°C were investigated by means of weight gain measurements, OpticalExpand
High-temperature oxidation behavior of aluminized AISI 4130 steel
AISI 4130 steel was dipped into a molten aluminum bath at 700°C for 16 s to produce an aluminide coating on the steel substrate. The coating, which consisted of an Al-rich layer and an FeAl3 andExpand