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Variability in the chlorophyll‐specific absorption coefficients of natural phytoplankton: Analysis and parameterization
Variability in the chlorophyll (chl) a-specific absorption coefficients of living phytoplankton aph*(λ) was analyzed using a data set including 815 spectra determined with the wet filter technique inExpand
Variations in the light absorption coefficients of phytoplankton, nonalgal particles, and dissolved organic matter in coastal waters around Europe
[1] We measured the absorption properties of phytoplankton, nonalgal particles (NAP), and colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) at about 350 stations in various coastal waters around EuropeExpand
Light scattering properties of marine particles in coastal and open ocean waters as related to the particle mass concentration
Variations in the spectral scattering coefficient of marine particles [bp(l)] were measured at 241 locations in oceanic (case 1) and coastal (case 2) waters around Europe. The scattering coefficientExpand
Variations of light absorption by suspended particles with chlorophyll a concentration in oceanic (case 1) waters: Analysis and implications for bio-optical models
Spectral absorption coefficients of total particulate matter ap(λ) were determined using the in vitro filter technique. The present analysis deals with a set of 1166 spectra, determined in variousExpand
Optical properties of the “clearest” natural waters
Optical measurements within both the visible and near ultraviolet (UV) parts of the spectrum (305–750 nm) were recently made in hyperoligotrophic waters in the South Pacific gyre (near EasterExpand
Nitrogen- and irradiance-dependent variations of the maximum quantum yield of carbon fixation in eutrophic, mesotrophic and oligotrophic marine systems
Abstract Natural variability of the maximum quantum yield of carbon fixation ( φ C max ), as determined from the initial slope of the photosynthesis-irradiance curve and from light absorptionExpand
It is suggested that as growth rates decrease, reductants are increasingly used for simple ATP generation through a fast (<1s) respiratory pathway that skips the carbon reduction cycle altogether and is undetected by standard PE methodologies. Expand
Variability in particle attenuation and chlorophyll fluorescence in the tropical Pacific: Scales, patterns, and biogeochemical implications
The variability in particle attenuation (cp) and in chlorophyll in situ fluorescence (Fis) was examined in November 1994 along 150°W in the Pacific Ocean. Two main sources of variation in cp and FisExpand
Compensatory changes in Photosystem II electron turnover rates protect photosynthesis from photoinhibition
It is found that light-saturated photosynthetic rates (Pmax) in natural phytoplankton assemblages sampled from the south Pacific ocean were not reduced despite photoinhibitory decreases in n of up to 52%. Expand
Dynamics of the turbidity maximum zone in a macrotidal estuary (the Gironde, France): Observations from field and MODIS satellite data
Abstract Over a 1-year period, field and satellite measurements of surface water turbidity were combined in order to study the dynamics of the turbidity maximum zone (TM) in a macrotidal estuary (theExpand