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Studies in helminthology
  • M. B. Lal
  • Biology
    Proceedings / Indian Academy of Sciences
  • 1 August 1939
Uricotelism in the Common Indian Apple-Snail, Pila globosa (Swainson)
Catabolism in animals has been assessed partly by analysis of the excretory products and partly by the identification of the enzymes in the liver or hepatopancreas, and work on a few European marine, freshwater and terrestrial gastropods has been extended.
Occurrence of Larval Helminths in Gammarus pulex (L.) from the Braid Burn, Edinburgh
This is the first record of a larval cestode infection in Gammarus pulex (L.) in Great Britain, and two species of cysticercoids new to science are reported.
Studies in histopathology—Changes induced by a larval monostome in the digestive gland of the snail,Melanoides tuberculatus (Müller)
The columnar cells become squarish and may even change into a nucleated syncitial mass, and loss of calcium globules and cell granules together with the disintegration of the cell would impair the normal metabolic activity of the snail.
Anticoagulant Activity of the Indian Cattle Leech
In experiments with the common Indian cattle leech (Hirudinaria), an extract of the anticoagulant substance was prepared from the first eight segments of the body of the leech, freed from protein and buffered to pH 7.2 with Sørensen phosphate buffer.
Acanthocephala of Trout and Anthelmintics: Behaviour in vitro
  • M. B. Lal
  • Biology, Medicine
  • 19 April 1947
In vitro tests may possibly not reproduce exactly the response of helminth parasites in vivo, but give an opportunity of comparing directly the action of a large number of drugs in a shorter time; and results so obtained may suggest a method of combating Acanthocephala in the living host.