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Glycogen and Carbohydrate—Protein Complex in Developing Teeth of the Rat
THIS report is a preliminary survey of the localization of glycogen and of carbohydrate-protein complexes in -the developing teeth of the albino rat. The wide distribution of polysaceharides andExpand
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Histochemical Studies of Phosphatase Distribution in Developing Teeth of Albino Rat.∗
Summary 1. Phosphatase activity and localization in developing tooth germs of rats (1 and 4 days old) is correlated with the degree of cellular differentiation and the status of the calcificationExpand
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Mobilization of mucoprotein by parathyroid extract.
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A microprobe analysis of inorganic elements in Halobacterium salinarum
Halobacterium salinarum were grown on peptone agar containing 4.28 M NaCl, 0.036 M K and other salts. Stationary phase organisms were lifted onto carbon planchets, freeze‐dried, carbon coated andExpand
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Mandibular growth disturbance in rheumatoid arthritis of childhood.
THE RELATIONSHIP of the mandibular condyle to mandibular growth and its significance in certain types of mandibular deformities were discussed in earlier publications. 1 The following study wasExpand
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Condylar growth and mandibular deformities.
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The Pathogenesis of Desquamative Gingivitis : a Disturbance of the Connective Tissue Ground Substance
THE BOUNDARY zone between epithelium and connective tissue in the skin and in other structures is formed by an optically homogeneous substance, which, together with the embedded fibers, has beenExpand
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Collagen distribution in the rat demonstrated by a specific anti-collagen antiserum.
A specific anti-collagen antiserum was prepared in rabbits using as antigen a rat tail collagen preparation free of serum protein reactants. This antiserum reacted with several forms of isolatedExpand
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Cyanuric chloride and related water-soluble dichloro-s-triazines (Procion dyes and Lissatan PR) or monochloro-s-triazines (Procion H and Cibacron dyes, were utilized as fixatives for fresh andExpand
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