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Manifest Left-Right Symmetry and its Experimental Consequences
We consider the possibility that weaker interactions: in common with all other known interactions: do in in fact enjoy a left-right symmetry manifest in the Hamiltonian, and that parityExpand
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SU(6) and electromagnetic interactions
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Gauge theories of weak interactions II (Circa 1981–1982 C.E.)
Abstract This article is a sequel to “Gauge Theories of Weak Interactions (Circa 1973–1974)”, published in the Annual Review of Nuclear Science. Our purpose is to survey the state of the art eightExpand
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Membrane concentration potentials across heavy metal soap membranes
The alumina mixed copper soap pellets of different fatty acids (C6−C16) have been prepared. The pellets are used as membranes of electropositive character. The concentration potential studies haveExpand
Covariance, SU(6), and Unitarity
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Report of technical progress under the current ERDA contract, EY-76-C-02-2232. [Summaries of research activities at Rockefeller University]
Theoretical research in high energy physics is summarized. A list of publications is included. (JFP)
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