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Geographies of toponymic inscription: new directions in critical place-name studies
The study of place naming, or toponymy, has recently undergone a critical reformulation as scholars have moved beyond the traditional focus on etymology and taxonomy by examining the politics ofExpand
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The Power of Commemorative Street Names
Street names are ostensibly visible, quintessentially mundane, and seemingly obvious. This might be the reason why social scientists have hardly addressed the issue of street names in their studiesExpand
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Rabin’s road: The politics of toponymic commemoration of Yitzhak Rabin in Israel
Abstract Embedded into the language of the landscape and integrated into the routines of everyday life, toponymic commemorations belong to the political geography of public memory. The impact ofExpand
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German reunification and the politics of street names: the case of East Berlin
Abstract Commemorative street names conflate the political discourse of history and the political geography of a modern city. Renaming streets features prominently in revolutionary changes ofExpand
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Mapping the nation: street names and Arab‐Palestinian identity: three case studies
The naming of streets is part of the ongoing process of mapping the boundaries of the nation. This article examines three sets of Arab-Palestinian street names – pre-1948 Haifa and Jerusalem andExpand
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Historical space as narrative medium: on the configuration of spatial narratives of time at historical sites
This paper examines how narratives of history are organized spatially at historical sites and memorial spaces, especially in urban settings and in places invested with a sense of collective memory.Expand
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(Re)naming the landscape: The formation of the Hebrew map of Israel 1949-1960
Abstract The formation of the Hebrew map of Israel following the foundation of the State of Israel was an institutionalized measure of cultural engineering and a procedure of Zionist nation-buildingExpand
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Tel Aviv: Mythography of a City
Founded in 1909 as a "garden suburb" of the Mediterranean port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv soon became a model of Jewish self-rule and was celebrated as a jewel in the crown of Hebrew revival. Over time theExpand
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Toward a geography of memory : Geographical dimensions of public memory and commemoration
This article focuses on contemporary research in geography on issues of public memory and commemoration-the ways in which discourse of the past is constructed socially and expressed materially inExpand
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