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The effect of the ergoline derivative VUFB-6683 on the adenohypophysial prolactin concentration in rats
Mit Hilfe vond-6-Methyl-8-ergolin-I-ylacetamid-Tartarat, VUFB-6683 wurde bei säugenden Ratten das Gewicht und der Prolaktinspiegel der Adenohypophyse herabgesetzt und die Laktation gehemmt.
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Effect of ergoline derivative VUFB-6638 on the adenohypophysial prolactin concentration in rats.
The compound VUFB-6638 (N-/D-6-methyl-8-isoergolin-I-yl/N'-N'-diethylurea hydrogen maleinate) was administered for four consecutive days to lactating rats in daily oral doses of 0.1, 1.0 and 2.0Expand
Biochemistry of drugs XXIII. Substance with antineoplastic acitivity LX. Pharmacokinetics of cis-beta-4-pentoxybenzoyl-beta-bromoacrylic acid (cis: Br, H)-3H (Penberol-3H).
After oral administration of Penberol-3H to mice with mammary gland adenocarcinoma HK, within 4 days 50% of the administered radioactivity was excreted in the urine, and 36% in the faeces. In dogsExpand