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Genealogy of a Rebellion Narrative: Law, Ethnology and Culture in Colonial Burma
  • M. Aung-Thwin
  • History
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 1 October 2003
This article re-examines the history and historiography of the Saya San Rebellion (1930–32), Burma's most famous peasant uprising and one of Southeast Asia's most frequently examined anti-colonialExpand
The Return of the Galon King: History, Law, and Rebellion in Colonial Burma
In late 1930, on a secluded mountain overlooking the rural paddy fields of British Burma, a peasant leader named Saya San crowned himself King and inaugurated a series of uprisings that would laterExpand
Introduction: Communities of interpretation and the construction of modern Myanmar
  • M. Aung-Thwin
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 30 April 2008
In the past 120 years, the idea of Myanmar (Burma) has come to be known, produced, and understood through a variety of perspectives that reveal particular and sometimes contested perceptions of theExpand
A History of Myanmar since Ancient Times: Traditions and Transformations
In A History of Myanmar since Ancient Times, Michael Aung-Thwin and Maitrii Aung-Thwin take us from the sacred stupas of the plains of Pagan to the grand, colonial-era British mansions, revealing theExpand
Towards a national culture: chinlone and the construction of sport in post-colonial Myanmar
Chinlone (cane-ball) is a game that involves one to six players who form a circle and aim to keep a ball afloat using primarily their feet, thighs and other parts of the body (with the exception ofExpand
Healing, Rebellion, and the Law: Ethnologies of Medicine in Colonial Burma, 1928-1932
Asia’s encounter with Western medicine and the emergence of public health regimes might be regarded as one chapter within the larger framework of colonialism and its discursive practices. MedicineExpand
Editor's Note
Hierarchy and Order in Pre-Colonial Burma in Symposium on Societal Organization in Mainland Southeast Asia Prior to the Eighteenth Century.
Organisation sociale et politique de la Birmanie precoloniale: tenure fonciere, classes sociales, relations sociales et relations de patronage, royaute.