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The Geology of Portuguese Timor
Abstract The oldest dated rocks in eastern Timor are of Lower Permian age, the metamorphic rocks of uncertain age being interpreted as probably pre-Permian. With the exception of two important breaksExpand
Collisional melange development: Geologic associations of active melange‐forming processes with exhumed melange facies in the western Banda orogen, Indonesia
Analysis of block assemblages, matrix clay mineral composition and microfauna, and offshore seismic reflection profiles reveal that the Bobonaro melange in the Timor region is sourced from mud-richExpand
Stratigraphical analysis of island arc—continental margin collision in eastern Indonesia
Eastern Indonesia is a sinuous plate margin interpreted as a collision between the northern margin of the Australian continent and an Asian island arc. Detailed stratigraphical analysis of theExpand
Reinterpretation of the geology of Seram: implications for the Banda Arcs and northern Australia
Reconnaissance field traverses in Seram have led to major revisions in the stratigraphy, structure, tectonic history and geological maps. The island is composed of 4 principalExpand
Evolution of the southern margin of Tethys (North Australian region) from early Permian to late Cretaceous
Abstract A mid-Permian rifting episode appears to have removed continental blocks (now forming parts of Asia) from Australian Gondwana, but the present continental margin of NorthernExpand
Ocean trench blocked and obliterated by Banda forearc collision with Australian proximal continental slope
Abstract The bathymetry and abrupt changes in earthquake seismicity around the eastern end of the Java Trench suggest it is now blocked south–east of Sumba by the Australian, Jurassic-rifted,Expand
Triassic palaeogeography of the British Isles
  • M. Audley-Charles
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of…
  • 1 February 1970
By means of a series of lithological-isopachous maps the palaeogeography of the British Isles is illustrated for six divisions of the Triassic period. In the absence of sufficient biostratigraphicalExpand
Rates of Neogene and Quaternary tectonic movements in the Southern Banda Arc based on micropalaeontology
It is generally considered that the Outer Banda Arc islands are composed in part of strongly deformed sediments that accumulated at the north Australian continental margin. The onset and completionExpand
Reconstruction of eastern Gondwanaland
Substantial additions of large continental blocks to the Smith et al.1 model of eastern Gondwanaland are proposed here largely on the basis of the distribution of key land floras, tropical andExpand
Structural evolution of Mesozoic Peninsular Malaysia
Field evidence from Upper Palaeozoic and Mesozoic strata exposed in Peninsular Malaysia demonstrates that the structural style, degree and orientation of folding, axial-plane cleavage, and faultingExpand