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Bonding of dual-cured resin cement to zirconia ceramic using phosphate acid ester monomer and zirconate coupler.
This study evaluated the shear bond strength between dual-cured resin luting cement and pure zirconium (99.9%) and industrially manufactured yttrium-oxide-partially-stabilized zirconia ceramic, andExpand
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Effect of etchant, etching period, and silane priming on bond strength to porcelain of composite resin.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of etching and silane priming on bond strength to a feldspathic porcelain (VMK 68) of a composite resin (Clearfil APX). Two hydrofluoric acidExpand
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Effects of alumina-blasting and adhesive primers on bonding between resin luting agent and zirconia ceramics.
This study evaluated the effect of alumina-blasting and three commercial adhesive primers on the shear bond strength of a dual-cured resin luting agent to zirconia ceramics. Two different-sizedExpand
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Effect of different etching periods on the bond strength of a composite resin to a machinable porcelain.
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to evaluate microstructure changes of Cerec 2 Vitablocs Mark II porcelain etched by a 5% hydrofluoric acid and examine the effect of different etching timesExpand
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Characterization and inhibitory effect of antibacterial dental resin composites incorporating silver-supported materials.
Resin composites with antibacterial activity may be useful for preventing the secondary caries frequently seen around restorations. The purposes of this study were to investigate antibacterialExpand
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Effect of etching and sandblasting on bond strength to sintered porcelain of unfilled resin.
This study determined the bond strength of an unfilled resin joined to a feldspathic porcelain for the purpose of evaluating the retentive performance of the prepared material surfaces. PorcelainExpand
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Photo-induced hydrophilicity enhances initial cell behavior and early bone apposition.
OBJECTIVE The anatase form of titanium dioxide (TiO(2)) exhibits photo-induced hydrophilicity when it is irradiated with ultraviolet (UV) light. In the present study, the effect of photo-inducedExpand
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Adhesive bonding of composite material to cast titanium with varying surface preparations.
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the surface preparation effects of eight metal conditioners and an adhesive system on bonding between a prosthodontic composite material and castExpand
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Influence of ceramic thickness on mechanical properties and polymer structure of dual-cured resin luting agents.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of ceramic thickness on the mechanical properties and polymer structure (degree conversion and cross-linking density) of three dual-cured resin luting agents.Expand
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Wear and surface roughness of current prosthetic composites after toothbrush/dentifrice abrasion.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Surface changes of prosthetic composites caused by toothbrushing are known, although composite materials have been improved and are now widely used for various kinds ofExpand
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