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Application of Box-Behnken design for preparation of levofloxacin-loaded stearic acid solid lipid nanoparticles for ocular delivery: Optimization, in vitro release, ocular tolerance, and
The aim of the present study was to develop and optimize levofloxacin loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for the treatment of conjunctivitis. Box-Behnken experimental design was applied forExpand
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Posterior arch defects of the atlas: significance in trauma and literature review
Neck pain and stiffness after trauma can be caused by congenital defects in the posterior arch of the atlas. A case is described followed by a description of the pathology, classification, diagnosisExpand
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Nanostructured lipid carriers of pioglitazone for transdermal application: from experimental design to bioactivity detail
Abstract Pioglitazone (PZ) an anti-hyperglycemic agent is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The aim of this study was to design PZ-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) to investigateExpand
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User's acceptability of OvuSense: A novel vaginal temperature sensor for prediction of the fertile period
Measuring changes in core body temperature provides a valid method to detect ovulation and increase fertility. ‘OvuSense’ is a novel vaginal sensor that can predict the fertility window by recordingExpand
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Approach to Total Knee Replacement: A Randomized Double Blind Study between Medial Parapatellar and Midvastus Approach in the Early Postoperative Period in Asian Population
&NA; The purpose of this randomized study was to compare clinical and surgical outcomes of total knee replacements (TKRs) in the early postoperative period using midvastus approach versus medialExpand
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Intra-articular Migration of Broken Patellar Tension Band Wire: A Rare Case
Introduction: Comminuted fracture of patella is most commonly treated by tension band wiring with cerclage wiring. Broken cerclage wiring after such surgery is not uncommon but intra-articularExpand
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Symmetrical peripheral gangrene: a rare presentation of antiphospholipid syndrome
A 25-year-old woman presented with complaints of dark discolouration of the hands, feet and the tip of the nose 1 week after normal delivery of a preterm baby (28 weeks) in April 2009. The onset wasExpand
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Pharmacognostical Study and Development of Quality Control Parameters for Cucumis melo Linn
Cucumis melo Linn. (family cucurbitaceae) is extensively cultivated throughout India particularly in the hot and dry North-Western areas. Its fruit pulp, root, seeds and seed oil are used forExpand
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Lipid carriers mediated targeted delivery of nutraceuticals: Challenges, role of blood brain barrier and promises of nanotechnology based ap-proaches in neuronal disorders.
Despite all significant research in discovering new therapeuticals, there has been an alarming rate of reported neurological disorders. However, the delivery of these neurotherapeuticals within theExpand
Quality by design (Qbd) assisted development of phytosomal gel of aloe-vera extract for topical delivery.
Background- The aim of the current study was to develop the phytosomal gel of aloe-vera extract for improved topical delivery. Methodology- Aloe-vera extract loaded phytosomal system was developed byExpand