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Siderophile and chalcophile metals as tracers of the evolution of the Siberian Trap in the Noril'sk region, Russia
Abstract In this study Cu, Ni, and platinum-group elements (PGE) were determined in a sequence of basaltic and picritic lavas from the Siberian Trap in the Noril'sk area of Russia to constrainExpand
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The Composition of Mineralization at the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposit, with Special Reference to Platinum-Group Elements
The Ni, Cu, platinum-group element (PGE), and Au contents of massive sulfide mineralization, leopard-textured mineralization, sulfides in basal breccia sequence, and sulfides in varied troctoliteExpand
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Controls on the composition of Ni-Cu sulfide deposits as illustrated by those at Noril'sk, Siberia
The Ni-Cu-PGE ore deposits of the Noril'sk region have developed in feeder channels for Permo-Triassic continental flood basalt volcanism, particularly within 100- to 300-m-thick, elongate,Expand
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The role of surgical lung biopsy in the management of interstitial lung disease: experience from a single institution in the UK.
OBJECTIVES Interstitial lung disease (ILD) includes a wide spectrum of pulmonary pathologies. The role of surgical lung biopsy (SLB) in the diagnosis of ILD is still controversial. The purpose ofExpand
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Platinum-group elements in the Sudbury ores; significance with respect to the origin of different ore zones and to the exploration for footwall orebodies
The composition of any sample of a magmatic sulfide ore depends on the composition of the silicate magma from which the sulfide segregated, the appropriate sulfide liquid-silicate magma partitionExpand
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Surgical outcomes in adults with purpura fulminans: a systematic review and patient-level meta-synthesis
BackgroundCutaneous manifestations of purpura fulminans (PF) present many challenges for clinicians and surgeons. In a state of septic shock complicated by limb ischemia, surgical interventions areExpand
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Role of mass media in the dissemination of agricultural technologies among farmers
Pakistan is basically an agricultural country its development is mainly dependent on this sector. However, agricultural production of the country is much lower than that of many other countries ofExpand
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Study of chaotic behavior in predator–prey interactions in a chemostat
This paper investigates the complex dynamics resulting from interactions between one predator and one prey in a chemostat. A standard model is extended by allowing the yield coefficient associatedExpand
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Assessment of Efficacy of Different Teaching Methods of Tooth Brushing on Oral Hygiene Status in Adults
Introduction: Tooth brushing plays a vital role in effective plaque control, which depends on the effectiveness of the particular method and the ease with which the procedure is carried out. Hence,Expand
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The use of IntegraTM as a novel technique in deep burn foot management☆
Summary Deep burns in patients with co-morbidities carry a significant challenge for surgeons. The use of synthetic skin substitutes has played an increasingly important role in tissueExpand
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