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Psychometric Properties of the HEXACO Personality Inventory
In this validation study involving a sample of over 400 respondents, all HEXACO-PI scales showed high internal consistency reliabilities, conformed to the hypothesized six-factor structure, and showed adequate convergent validities with external variables.
The HEXACO–60: A Short Measure of the Major Dimensions of Personality
In self-report data from samples of college students and community adults, the HEXACO–60 scales showed reasonably high levels of internal consistency reliability and rather low interscale correlations.
Empirical, Theoretical, and Practical Advantages of the HEXACO Model of Personality Structure
The HEXACO model accommodates several personality variables that are poorly assimilated within the B5/FFM, including the relations of personality factors with theoretical biologists' constructs of reciprocal and kin altruism and the patterns of sex differences in personality traits.
A six-factor structure of personality-descriptive adjectives: solutions from psycholexical studies in seven languages.
The authors report the content of these personality dimensions and interpret them as a variant of Extraversion, defined by sociability and liveliness, but not by bravery and toughness.
Personality and job performance: the importance of narrow traits
In a recent discussion of the bandwidth–fidelity dilemma in personality measurement for personnel selection, Ones and Viswesvaran (1996) concluded that ‘broader and richer personality traits will
A theoretical basis for the major dimensions of personality
We argue that lexical studies of personality structure suggest the existence of six major dimensions of personality: (I) Surgency, (II) Agreeableness, (III) Conscientiousness, (IV) Emotional
Big five factors and facets and the prediction of behavior.
The authors compared the Big 5 factors of personality with the facets or traits of personality that constitute those factors on their ability to predict 40 behavior criteria, finding the narrow facets did noticeably better in that regard.