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Boron neutron capture enhancement of 252Cf brachytherapy.
It is concluded that there is a sufficiently high thermal neutron fluence present during californium brachytherapy for boron neutron capture dose augmentation to be feasible. Expand
Proline-based chiral stationary phases: a molecular dynamics study of the interfacial structure.
Molecular dynamics simulations are employed to examine the interfacial structure of two diproline chiral selectors, one with a terminal trimethylacetyl group and one withA terminal t-butyl carbamate group, to assess the energetics of conformational changes along the backbone. Expand
Poly-proline-based chiral stationary phases: a molecular dynamics study of triproline, tetraproline, pentaproline and hexaproline interfaces.
Molecular dynamics simulations are employed to study the preferred backbone conformations and solvent hydrogen bonding for different poly-proline/solvent interfaces, and for triproline, the effect of two different terminal groups, trimethylacetyl and t-butyl carbamate are compared. Expand
B-mode Ultrasound Biometry of Intraocular Structures in Dromedary Camels (Camelus dromedarius)
Transcorneal ultrasonographic scanning of left and right eyes of 20 camels was performed and measurements of the ocular structures were obtained, which can be documented as the obtained values as the standard parameters of eye in camel. Expand
Therapeutic dosimetry for Cf-252 neutron brachytherapy of pelvic cancer.
Comparison with fast neutron beam therapy (NBT) isodose curves showed that much more homogeneous neutron dose was delivered to the pelvic tumor and organs by NBT than for Cf-NT. Expand
On simulations of complex interfaces: molecular dynamics simulations of stationary phases.
Methodological considerations for molecular dynamics simulations of complex interfaces are presented in this article. A slab geometry is examined in the context of stationary phases where selectivityExpand
The docking of chiral analytes on proline-based chiral stationary phases: A molecular dynamics study of selectivity.
Molecular dynamics simulations are employed to examine the selectivity of four proline-based chiral stationary phases in two solvent environments, a relatively apolar n-hexane/2-propanol solvent andExpand
Chiral Discrimination of a Proline-Based Stationary Phase: Adhesion Forces and Calculated Selectivity Factors
As early as 1992, proline was examined as a potential chiral selector for high-performance liquid chromatography. In recent years, brush-type selectors with up to 10 proline units have been examined,Expand
Cf-252 neutron capture therapy and teletherapy.
Modelling of the Interaction between Cationic Lipid Dlin-Kc2-Dma (XTC2) and Anionic Lipid Distearoylphosphatidylserine (DSPS)
Short pieces of double stranded small interfering RNA (siRNA) could be used as a potential drug to cure cancer by binding to cancer gene's messenger RNA. However, the siRNA is not stable in the bloodExpand