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Comparative Study on Cultivation and Yield Performance of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) on Different Substrates (Wheat Straw, Leaves, Saw Dust)
The research experiment was carried out to investigate the cultivation of Oyster mushroom on different substrates. Mushroom cultivation is a profitable agribusiness. Incorporation of non conventionalExpand
Low protein diets for broilers
A review of the literature regarding Low Protein diets (LCP) for broilers reveals that by using crystalline amino acids, dietary CP could be reduced in each phase safely by a factor of 10% (a figureExpand
Effect of shallow groundwater table on crop water requirements and crop yields
Abstract Due to the increasing demand for food and fiber by its ever-increasing population, the pressure on fresh water resources of Pakistan is increasing. Optimum utilization of surface andExpand
Field accumulation risks of heavy metals in soil and vegetable crop irrigated with sewage water in western region of Saudi Arabia
The results indicated a potential pathway of human exposure to slow poisoning by heavy metals due to the indirect utilization of vegetables grown on heavy metal-contaminated soil that was irrigated by contaminated water sources. Expand
Ethnobotanical uses of medicinal plants for respiratory disorders among the inhabitants of Gallies - Abbottabad, Northern Pakistan.
The medicinal plants with highest use values recorded in this study may signpost the probable existence of valuable phytochemical compounds that requires a search for prospective new drugs to cure many respiratory disorders. Expand
Heavy metals accumulation in plants growing in ex tin mining catchment
The degree of contamination by heavy metals (arsenic, copper, lead, tin and zinc) in soil and transfer to plants has been studied. Specimens of plant species from five locations in an area of 10 × 10Expand
Chemical Speciation and Potential Mobility of Heavy Metals in the Soil of Former Tin Mining Catchment
The results indicate that most of the metals have high abundance in residual fraction indicating lithogenic origin and low bioavailability of the metal in the studied soil. Expand
A study on elemental contents of medicinally important species of Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) found in Pakistan.
Genus Artemisia is cosmopolitan in distribution and its several species are being used in folk therapeutic treatments worldwide. In this study, elemental compositions of seventeen indigenous speciesExpand
Prevalence of Neospora caninum Antibodies in Sheep and Goats in Pakistan
Seroepidemiological information was obtained on the Neospora caninum infection status of sheep and goats in different areas of Punjab Province and Azad Kashmir and the difference in seroprevalence between sheep and goat populations was statistically significant. Expand
Effect of Vermicompost and Chemical Fertilizers on Growth , Yield and Yield Components of Potato in Barind Soils of Bangladesh
An experiment was conducted to study the effect of vermicompost and NPKS fertilizers on growth and yield of potato (cv. Cardinal) in Level Barind Tract (AEZ-25) soils of Bangladesh. The organicExpand