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Modulation of Ras and a-Factor Function by Carboxyl-Terminal Proteolysis
Prenylated proteins contain a covalently linked cholesterol intermediate near their carboxyl-termini. Maturation of most prenylated proteins involves proteolytic removal of the last three aminoExpand
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Role of Yeast Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Homologs in Propheromone Processing and Bud Site Selection
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae AXL1 gene product Axl1p shares homology with the insulin-degrading enzyme family of endoproteases. Yeast axl1 mutants showed a defect in a-factor pheromone secretion, andExpand
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We present the results of a Spitzer IRAC and MIPS 24 μm study of extended Lyman-α clouds (or Lyman-α Blobs, LABs) within the SSA22 filamentary structure at z = 3.09. We detect 6/26 LABs in all IRACExpand
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Isolation and DNA sequence of the STE14 gene encoding farnesyl cysteine: Carboxyl methyltransferase
We isolated a mutant defective in C‐terminal farnesyl cysteine:carboxyl methyltransferase activity from a screen for mutations causing a‐specific sterility. A genomic fragment was cloned from a yeastExpand
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Endoproteolytic processing of a farnesylated peptide in vitro.
Numerous eukaryotic proteins containing a carboxyl-terminal CAAX motif (C, cysteine; A, aliphatic amino acid; X, any amino acid) require a three-step posttranslational processing for localization andExpand
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Isolation of new types of dexamethasone-resistant variants from a cAMP-resistant lymphoma.
We have developed a sequential selection procedure for the isolation of novel steroid-resistant variants of the murine thymoma WEHI-7. The first step involves the isolation of cell lines with anExpand
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Ras and a-factor converting enzyme.
We have described several quantitative and qualitative assays that have been utilized to learn the basic properties of RACE and amphibian and mammalian counterparts. Owing to powerful geneticExpand
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Measuring Star Forming Activities in The Antennae: Region‐by‐region
The Antennae is a proto‐typical case of a pair of gas‐rich galaxies in the process of merging, while experiencing active star formation. Recently obtained mid‐IR data with the Spitzer Space TelescopeExpand