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Dipolar electrode in heart block.
It was determined that employment of the Newark Beth Israel Hospital (NBIH) intracardiac dipolar electrode for temporary cardiac pacing in preparation of patients for permanent pacemaker implantationExpand
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Brief repeated isometric maximal exercises. An evaluation by integrative electromyography.
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Contactless nerve stimulation and signal detection by inductive transducer
In an attempt to avoid the undesirable aspects of galvanic nerve stimulation, a toroidal inductive transducer was developed and tested. It was found that a nerve threading the lumen of the toroidExpand
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Electrogoniometric study of joints.
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An implantable cardiac pacemaker for complete heart block.
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A Plan for the Treatment of Complete Heart Block and Stokes- Adams Syndrome With an Intracardiac Dipolar Electrode and a Permanent Implantable Pacemaker
* From the Hemodynamics Department of the Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, New Jersey. Presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Angiology, June 1962. t We use monitoringExpand
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The mechanism of action of closed chest cardiac massage. A preliminary report.
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Further studies of brief isometric exercises.
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